Why Should Every Startup Think About Web Development?

Website development is basically the task of creating a website for either the World Wide Web or an internal network (intranet). Development usually involves creating a simple single page of plain text or perhaps with a few lines of code. The next level-up would be building an interactive website, one with interactive elements such as drop-down menus, forms, search boxes, pop-up boxes, and images. Then you get to the really complicated stuff, which involves things like Java, Flash, and other kinds of multimedia systems, as well as database and content management systems.

Every Beginning Shouldn’t be Hard with Professional Website

The importance of websites for startups and small businesses in the world today is undeniable. Online shopping has become extremely popular over the last decade, and this popularity continues to grow. According to numerous web development agencies in Dubai, millions of people turn to the internet to do their shopping, and millions more use alternative shopping websites for the convenience of having everything they need to be shipped directly to their door. Because of these changes in customer expectations, website designers must work closely with marketing professionals to ensure that the final product is both user-friendly, attractive, and appropriate for the target market. This is why website development and marketing are absolutely integral parts of every business’ web strategy.

In fact, many small businesses mistakenly believe that their budgets should only cover the coding and design aspects of their websites. While the coding and design work is essential, be prepared to spend some money on web designers. While not nearly as important as the coding, marketing and advertising elements will make or break your business.

These are some of the things every startup should consider when it comes to web development:

1. It’s Hard to Develop, But It’s Worth Your Time and Money

One of the first things you must understand about website design and programming is that the internet is not a simple system. It’s filled with millions upon millions of programs and scripts, many of which will interact with each other. For instance, when building web pages, you may be writing HTML code, but the program that produces that HTML code is also writing JavaScript code, which interacts with your photos and videos. So, you must hire a professional web development agency in Dubai that’ll provide you with HTML experts. Moreover, these experts should understand the intricacies of all the various programs and scripts that make up your website. Otherwise, you’ll experience a lot of trouble when starting up your website, and it won’t be easy to make it run smoothly.

2. Web Development with Easy-to-Use Platforms

Even though hundreds of different website development platforms are available today, two of the most popular remain WordPress and Joomla. Every web development company in Dubai will tell you that both platforms are prevalent because they’re easy to use and have built-in SEO functionality. As a result, even someone relatively new to website development can build a great website, and it’ll start earning money almost immediately. WordPress, however, has become extremely popular among small businesses because of its flexible licensing terms. While Joomla does have rigid licensing terms, it’s still much more flexible to use than WordPress, and that’s why lots of startups are switching to Joomla over WordPress to develop their websites.

3. You Can Choose a Web Development Platform According to Your iOS

There are several key differences between WordPress and Joomla. Firstly, WordPress uses a version of PHP that’s called PHP/Linux-PHP. While this sounds like almost every website developer’s favorite, it’s actually not. Joomla is written in C++ and therefore works well on both Windows and Linux computers. Thus, if you’re a Windows user, then you can definitely use Joomla.

Secondly, both Joomla and WordPress allow their users to create a “front-end” or user interface, which the end-user sees when visiting a website. In other words, these applications allow the person reading your website to interact with it. If you’re writing code, then you probably know how challenging this can be. You want to be able to interact with the data, the layout, the colors, and so forth from a client, not having to go back to add in the code. If at any point you decide you need professional help, locate the closest web development agency in Dubai and hire them to develop you an incredible website.

4. Having Stable Coding Languages is of Vital Importance

Both WordPress and Joomla are written in very stable languages. Both languages are multithreaded, meaning that multiple threads can execute code simultaneously without any crashing or error messages being displayed. This means that both programmers and developers can simultaneously work on the project without any worries whatsoever. Programmers especially prefer these languages as they’ll never have to worry about them crashing. This, along with the fact that both languages are used worldwide, makes them some of the most sought-after coding languages today.

5. Ease-of-Use Allows Beginners to Develop Incredible Websites

Both Joomla and WordPress platforms are very intuitive, and there are plenty of materials and tutorials available online, so even beginners can develop their first websites. Sometimes hiring a web development company in Dubai may seem completely unnecessary, but truth to be told, it’s always better to leave web development to professionals. Having a professional backup is of vital importance if anything goes wrong with your web development project. For inexperienced people, web development may seem overwhelming. That’s why hiring some of the best web development companies in Dubai is a great idea as they offer various services to startups and small businesses. We at Igloo marketing agency can help you develop a website from your dreams without any hassle whatsoever, so make sure to contact us whenever you need our help.

Wrapping Up

Even though it’s quite straightforward to build your own website from scratch, there’s plenty of things you’d have to learn to complete this project successfully. Besides, building a website isn’t the only thing a startup needs, as marketing is vital for success as well. So, if you don’t want to waste months of your time and energy, make sure to hire professional help and let us do the work for you.

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