Why Influencer Marketing is a Game Changer for the Hotel Industry in UAE

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest ways to make your brand known by many people. Gone are the days where hotels used only digital advertisements; they now put more emphasis on influencers. This strategy is useful because the influencers are available, and the only thing you need to do is to strike a deal with them to reach out to the target audience.

For Dubai, being a digital hub where many people have access to the internet, influencer marketing is effective and reaches the masses faster. Instagram, one of the social media platforms, has over 800 million users, and the numbers keep increasing. Influencers can sway the decisions of their followers on social media by posting pictures and sharing their experiences at specific hotels.

How to Engage Social Media Influencers

When looking for an influencer, choose micro-influencers rather than those with many followers. Micro-influencers engage with their followers and take time to answer questions as well as provide useful information.

Use influencers from specific regions because they can engage with the target audience in a familiar language and style to encourage them to visit the hotel on their next trip.

Choose credible influencers who will provide relevant information and who make it easy to work alongside. Influencer marketing should allow you to make some of the decisions; for instance, you can ask the influencer to post photos that will showcase the hotel as a family-friendly facility. You can request them not to post selfies but to use pictures of families.

Inform the influencers of upcoming g events and new branches so that they can inform their followers. This is an excellent way for you to reach potential customers while strengthening the loyalty of the existing ones.

How Influencer Marketing Impacts the Hotel Industry in UAE

Since the advancement of technology, marketing strategies have changed, and many corporations have discovered the power of influencer marketing.

The following ways show why this type of marketing is useful for the hotel industry.

Quick Way to Create Trust

Influencer marketing is effective because the influencers have an existing relationship with their followers, and they have built trust over time. Promoting your services and products on their pages helps to build credibility because the audience approves their content and follow their recommendations.

Followers trust influencers more than celebrity endorsements. Although there is no guarantee that consumers will choose your services, it helps to improve your brand image. To reach a greater audience, you need to invest in legitimate influencer marketing.

Helps to Reach New Audience

One of the advantages of using influencer marketing is that different influencers have unique followers, and using them means that your content reaches potential consumers. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with prospective clients.

Hotels and resorts explore the influencers’ trust and credibility to establish their brand with the audience. Posting simple but detailed information about your hotel enables the followers to understand your brand, location, and services. You can increase the influencers’ presence by providing content that will not only advertise your brand but ones that grow their following.

Provides Useful Information to the Audience

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to reach a broad audience and to provide useful information regarding your hotel. You can create content that shows the history of the hotel, its development over the years, and what sets it apart from your competitors. Since the influencers have built trust with the audience, they will value the information and even visit your website for more details. You can also use influencer marketing to offer discounts for the audience who follow the guidelines on the influencers’ pages.

Regular Quality Content

Sometimes, it can be challenging to come up with unique content without feeling like you are using some else’s words. Credible influencers have the skills to create content for you regularly and post it on your website. These updates keep the audience engaged and aware of new developments, prices, and discounts.

Influencer marketing delivers every post with a unique approach and uses social media reputation to add value to the content. Influencers add small details that transform a dull post into an interesting piece.

Helps to Create Partnerships

Interacting with influencers could lead to stronger associations. If you intend to engage their services for an extended period, you could end up creating profitable partnerships. For instance, you could plan a live event to promote the hotel in the influencer’s location. Many people would turn up with the promise of meeting their favorite influencer.

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to propel your brand, increase the audience and the number of prospective clients. Influencers help you to gain the audience’s trust by exploring the hotel as a guest. Through their pictures and posts, they influence people to consider your hotel in their next trip or dining. Influencers help you to build strong relations with the existing and potential consumers.

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