Website Development Updates for 2021 You Should Know About

In the 21st century, web development companies in Dubai have become very popular because they can develop customized websites for businesses, organizations, and individuals. There are many web development agencies in Dubai and worldwide, and Igloo marketing agency is only one of them. By hiring them, you’ll gain numerous advantages in website development as they’re professionals, and their expertise is unmatched.

Breaking Down Website Development

When someone mentions website development, the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind is programming, coding, and all that hard stuff. As much as it’s all true to a degree, web development involves creating a website, whether it’s plain coding or a more creative segment like creating animations, graphics, etc. Generally, web development ranges from creating a simple one-page static site made out of plain text to highly complex social networking sites, web-based services, and multi-media web apps. Basically, the developers are entrusted with converting ideas and concepts into useful website solutions. Website development also involves developing user interfaces, writing search engine scripts, and creating various content in the form of text, animations, graphics, videos, etc.

When hiring web developers that use the best coding language, you’ll save a large amount of money. Developers also use client-side coding language, which enables them to manipulate and control the contents on the website. Besides, the developers can utilize server-side coding language so they could code the website. By utilizing various coding languages, web developers ensure that a website is developed without bugs and any glitches.

Now, considering that website development isn’t new, there are some new trends in 2021 when it comes to web development, and we’ll go through them in this article.

1. Cloud Computing (Serverless)

It’s never easy to decide where to begin when it comes to serverless (cloud) computing. As the word says, it’s “serverless,” therefore, there are no servers involved. But how does it work then? It operates the same as when there were physical servers involved, but it’s much faster, more convenient, and drastically cheaper.

There are numerous cloud computing providers like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. However, it’s essential to speak to your DevOps as all these providers operate under different circumstances and their offers aren’t the same. Therefore, your DevOps must decide which is the most suitable one for your company’s needs.

Now, when you chose your cloud provider, it’s time to go through how cloud computing works. Developing apps, programs was usually done thanks to physical servers. Now, these “cloud” servers are located around the world, and providers give you the possibility to use their invisible server storage and framework to do your work. You’ll be charged depending on the time your code spent running. What does this mean? It means you won’t be charged 24/7, but only when you run your code, and this option makes cloud computing a cheaper solution in many ways.

Whether you’re writing a code for a client’s website or you’re designing a web app, having serverless possibilities is incredibly helpful, insightful, and it’s not expensive. Additionally, you can opt-out for some third-party monitoring and observability providers, and there’s plenty of them available. These firms will help you observe your codes and functions with ease, and they’ll lower the risk of code errors while promptly informing you of what happened to your code.

One of the most important benefits of going serverless is that you won’t need to manage physical servers. As much as it may sound unimportant, it saves lots of time, space, and resources.

2. Mobile Device Optimization

Another crucial trend of 2021 is the optimization of mobile devices. Optimizing mobile devices means you’ll help users to enjoy both your web apps and websites. As you know, mobile and desktop devices don’t have the same website interface, and to keep potential clients engaged, your business has to develop websites that are both desktop and mobile-friendly.

What this means is that, basically, you’ll have to develop two different website interfaces, but the content will remain the same. Considering how many people are switching to their mobile devices instead of using their computers nowadays, it’s no wonder that businesses worldwide are optimizing their websites for mobile device use. After all, engaging customers and giving them reasons to return to your site is of the utmost importance for every business owner. With mobile apps development on the rise, it’s fair to say that optimization for mobile devices will continue in years to come.

3. Mobile App Development

Most web development companies in Dubai know that developing mobile apps is the future. Every one of us has at least several mobile apps installed on our mobile devices. Mobile apps are becoming increasingly better, faster, and cheaper to develop. It’s worth mentioning that plenty of mobile apps available today have changed how we live our lives. Some of these apps help us order our food, order Uber, book flights, hotels, etc.

Additionally, most of them are made for entertainment purposes as well. It’s no wonder billions of people worldwide have their eyes locked on their mobile screens these days. Considering that we have all that we need on our mobile devices, it seems that this trend of “eyes locked on screens” won’t change in the foreseeable future. According to some of the best web development agencies in Dubai, mobile app development has just begun.

Besides, mobile apps serve an excellent purpose as they’re “mobile.” Many people can’t use some specific services or buy products from their computers if they don’t have their computers on them at the moment. That’s why mobile apps are a perfect solution, as all of these apps are safely secured inside your pocket.


All these web development trends have affected every web design and web development agency in Dubai. In order to remain up-to-date on the latest trends in the market, you should hire a professional web development company in Dubai to create a website or a mobile app that best suits your business needs. If you use off-the-shelf software available in the market, you may be leaving a lot to chance and may never be able to make the necessary changes to suit the changing trends.

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