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How do you want to design a website that is custom made for your business to help you drive traffic and convert visitors into customers?

First, our team of specialists will meet with you to understand your target market, the products or services you want to promote, your value differentiation, and your business challenges and goals. This will help us put together a plan, and develop your optimal website strategy.

Second, we start working on your website layout, features, functionalities, and user journey to sketch the wireframes of your website.

Third, our web designers will design different wireframes based on your specific website requirements; we will share them with you to understand which one is the best fit.

Fourth, once we finalize the design and it is approved by you, we will start coding and developing your website.

Firth, once developed we will test your website to ensure it’s functioning properly on all devices and browsers, and the pages are loading quickly and properly. And make changes if necessary.

Finally, we will launch your website to the public.


Our creative team will meet with you to discuss your needs, vision, and objectives. This will give us a sense of where your brand is now and where you want to take it in the future.

UX Strategy

Design is more than pretty images and colorful graphics. It’s about purpose and practicality. Our design process begins with a discovery session. This session involves interviews, surveys, consultations, and audits surrounding your website.


Concurrent with our UX phase, our content strategy phase involves a round or consultations to flesh out your business needs and objectives. We use this information to create a cohesive and compelling story that brings your website to life.

UI Design

UI is an iterative process and finding the right mix can take several rounds of refinement. We go through the design process rigorously and explore multiple creative directions—you could say we field a lot of challengers before finding a champion.


Much of the refinement is already done when we start development, and deployment. However, we understand that a lot can go wrong when a website finally goes live.
Before we launch a website we always go through a final round of QA, rigorous stress testing, and in-depth SEO analysis.

Post Launch

Our engagement does not end once a site is live. On the contrary, post-launch is when we are on our toes the most. We remain on call following a website launch so we can quickly resolve any issues that can arise. Additionally, we track website metrics to make sure your website is doing its job.

Debating which Web Design Company in Dubai to choose?

We know how important a website is—it can make or break your business online. As a company operating in Dubai, it’s imperative to engage with a web design company that understands the landscape and how local users behave.

Over the years, we’ve built dozens of websites that have helped our clients in Dubai and beyond grow their businesses online. If you choose to work with us, we will put your best interests first. Should we feel that we are not the best web design company for you, we’re more than happy to refer you to others within our network.

About Igloo

Igloo is among the leading web development companies in Dubai and the GCC—and a leader in all areas of digital marketing, branding, and SEO.

We possess the unique experience and versatility to cover all things online, whether it’s creating a website, improving user experiences, developing online campaigns, or managing social media activity.

If you’re still unsure of which web design company in Dubai to hire, keep reading. In the next few paragraphs we outline specific steps to choosing a web design company.

How to choose a Web Design Agency in Dubai?

Visit their website

A web design company that has a so-so website is a major no-go. If a web design company can’t build a decent website for themselves, they have no business building websites for others.

The top web design companies practice what they preach. Look for one that does.

Read online reviews about them

Online reviews are a quick and easy way to get information about a business. Just visit their page on Google Maps or Facebook and read the review section. The more positive reviews, the better. Companies with lots of bad reviews may not be worth the trouble.

Check for common connections

Scan LinkedIn or Facebook for some common connections. If there are any, get their thoughts on the web design company. Personal referrals definitely mean a lot.

Visit them in person

Just because a company operates in the digital space doesn’t mean you should skip in-person meetings altogether.

Visiting an agency will give you a feel of what they’re about—if their culture and vibe is a good fit with yours. In places like Dubai, in-person interactions can go a long way.

Furthermore, an office will tell you a lot about a company: Do their operations look legitimate? Are their employees energetic? Do you get a good feeling about the place?

Meet the CEO

Meeting with a web design company’s head executive will tell you a lot about their direction and values. Get the CEO’s perspective on the digital marketing industry in Dubai and ask about his or her approach to websites.

Moreover, meet the web designers, developers, and content producers you’ll be working with and their manager. They should be able to answer technical questions, including those related to SEO and website security.

When scoping out a company, talk to as many people as you can. Doing so will ensure that you have a balanced and complete picture of the company you’ll be dealing with.

See their work

Take a look at the projects they’ve worked on and see if those meet your standards. Ask to see at least 20 projects. If they have any less than that, then they’re probably still beginners.

Additionally, test the websites they’ve worked on using site audit tools like Google Page Speed Insights and Web Page Test. This will tell you a lot about the quality of their output.

Ask for their trade license

Any company that operates in Dubai should have one.

Ask for their audited financial statement

Only deal with web design agencies that are in good financial health. Otherwise, you may run into money-related problems down the line.

Meet their clients

After you meet with a company, ask to get in touch with their clients. Their clients should be able to tell you if they’re happy working with the company. Press them with questions like:

Does the company respect deadlines? Is their output good? What’s the best/worst part about working with the web design company?

The guide above will help you narrow down your search and increase your odds of finding a good web design company in Dubai. If you still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact us by pressing the button below.


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Some Of Our Clients


It depends if you have experience in design and coding. It also depends if you have time to manage a freelancer. If you can afford a freelancer disappearing and having to find another freelancer to continue the work. Usually, agencies are more reliable as they have multiple resources, they can be held more accountable, and easier to work with. Agencies normally have more experience as they have a mixed portfolio of multiple employees. Good to keep in mind that normally agencies charge more than freelancers.

WordPress and any similar solutions could be a great choice for many businesses, as a lot of the work is already done. WordPress has existing templates to choose from, plugins, and a ready CMS. But as many readymade platforms, WordPress comes with limitations and possible security issues. It is always better to build a site from scratch, but that requires more time and investment to build; let alone the maintenance.

WooCommerce is a reliable ecommerce platform that is used by thousands of businesses. It has many built-in functionalities, great plugins, and a readymade CMS. But just like many platforms, WooCommerce comes with limitations and potential security issues. We however build websites on it, and always had great experiences using it.

We work with any language a client requires as we have a big team of front and backend coders in Dubai and other cities around the globe.

As we are a performance driven digital marketing agency, we always recommend to our clients to have the right onpage structure. We also make sure that when we deliver websites, they are fully optimized technically so they get high scores and credits from search engines like Google.

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