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If you’ve ever heard the term “there’s an app for that,” you’ll know the importance of having web applications as part of your business. While most people associate the word “app” with a mobile application, many online users still prefer web-based applications.

With over 65% of people preferring dynamic and interactive web pages over plain sites, prioritizing web design can make or break your success. If you want to increase website accessibility and provide a seamless user experience for site visitors, Igloo has comprehensive web and app development services that can provide impactful solutions.

The Advantages of a Custom Web Application

Web application tools provide an excellent avenue for communicating with customers, collecting information, and securing business data. You can also enjoy the following benefits by incorporating web apps into your business model.

Better Discovery on Search Engines

Thoughtfully developed web applications can improve your UAE business visibility on search engines. At Igloo, we fully optimize your website, making it easier for users to find your tools online.

Always-On Accessibility

Anyone with a powerful internet connection can access a web application. Not to mention, they function on nearly every browser—from laptops to mobile phones. We ensure that your web applications are responsive and cater to as many people as possible.


Nowadays, end-users prioritize Dubai or Miami based companies that underscore safe online environments. After all, when a consumer makes a purchase, they entrust your business with sensitive details like their home address and credit card numbers. 

We dedicate an experienced team of security professionals to monitor your web applications and store your data in a secure cloud. Our team prepares your systems for natural disasters and potential data breaches, keeping your website online, and more importantly, safe 24/7. 

While creating web applications that engage users, and that are technically sound from a UX/UI perspective, is important, securing your digital investments is always our top priority. 

Customizable, Scalable, and Easy to Maintain

While ready-made web app solutions can save time and money, they are often generic and can’t scale alongside your existing systems. We curate everything according to your specific business goals, giving you the option to decide what kind of framework you want to apply.

We apply features and functions that are relevant to your business, shrinking or expanding according to your needs. As market dynamics change, so does the way we approach your web application. We can incorporate new processes and technologies quickly, allowing you to stay ahead of competitors.

Not to mention, our web applications don’t rely heavily on end user workstations, making them easy to maintain and repair. We roll out updates and patches remotely to every single device.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compared to traditional installed software, which functions locally, web-based applications are compatible with all internet browsers and operating systems.

Robust Analytics

We can easily determine your web application’s success through comprehensive insights and built-in analytics. We then translate these metrics into readable and actionable reports that can help direct future business decisions.

Make Your Brand Engaging and Interactive

Our web app development services encompass every step of the process; from planning to building to deployment. If you want to develop an impactful and easy-to-use web app that engages consumers, reach out to our specialists to find out what our Dubai or Miami based agency can create.



Our Web Application Services

If you want to provide users with interactivity but don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to a fully-developed mobile application, consider our web app services below.

Client-Side Web Applications

When developing client-side web applications, we focus on user interfaces, delivering high-performance levels that provide a seamless user experience. These web apps prioritize speed and responsiveness.

Single-Page Applications

Compared to our traditional multi-page applications, our single-page web apps deploy infinite scroll mechanisms to display content. We incorporate dynamic routing that doesn’t require the entire page to reload when fetching new data or executing an action.

Server-Side Applications

We deploy server-side applications as part of our back-end solutions, focusing on the background processes that occur within your web app. These applications might involve servers, databases, and application programming interfaces (API).

We recommend server-side applications to businesses deploying static content, as these apps can take more time to load and buffer.

However, compared to front-end applications, server-sides provide higher security and browser compatibility.

Front-End Services

Depending on your needs, we provide the following frameworks for front-end solutions.

  • Javascript: We use Javascript to develop dynamic web applications with basic functionalities like scrolling and clicking. This allows us to quickly code for client-side behavior.
  • HTML: When we structure webpage content, we deploy HTML (HyperText Markup Language) to direct displays.
  • CSS: CSS (Cascading Style Scripts) allow us to dictate integral characteristics (such as colors, layouts, and fonts) on your web application.

Back-End Services

Compared to front-end deployments, our back-end services involve more technologies, some of which include the following.

  • Programming languages: We allow databases to send and receive data, manage users connections, and monitor security authentications through Java, PHP, Ruby, and Python. Depending on your specific needs, we deploy the most appropriate programming language to simplify development.
  • Databases: Our go-to query language for securing sensitive data is Structured Query Language (SQL). SQL is highly scalable and can accommodate additional functionalities as required.
  • Servers: We deploy servers to respond to network requests and retrieve information. Our servers include Apache, Internet Information Services (IIS), and Nginx.
  • API: To facilitate connections between multiple servers, we use APIs that don’t require domain-specific language.

Planning, Prototyping, Validation, and Testing

As with any well-defined procedure, we take ample time to understand your business goals and plan a workflow for prototyping. Once we establish what you want to create, we develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and present it to potential users for feedback.

Once we validate your web app, we determine which front-end and back-end frameworks will best fulfill the project requirements. After the development stage, we administer multiple tests to identify weak points.

Finally, we host and launch your web application.


As the world’s leading talent development and transition company we at LHH|Gulf believe in working in collaboration, and building strong working relationships with our partners. We appreciate Igloo for their technical skill and support as well as their flexibility and commitment to getting to know our business. We have been encouraged to raise questions and through discussion Igloo have identified solutions to our needs. Igloos’ flexible and personable approach has supported us move forward and set measurable targets to monitor our progress. We are looking forward to continuing to work together and would recommend Igloo’s services to any business considering any of their services.

Karen Oliver | Managing Director

We were seeking a professional experienced Dubai based web developer that could re-design our website using a WordPress template. Igloo was recommended to us, and they did not disappoint. As leader in interior fit out solutions we needed a new website that showcased our interior projects, communicated our services and sustainability values – without compromising on the design and user experience. During development Igloo were very responsive to design suggestions and helped advise us on best options for enhancing the user experience. We are delighted with our new website and have already recommended their services.

Sally Jones | Marketing Manager

I work in a company involved in the Medical industry. We initially reached out to Igloo for a few specific services, yet over time we have asked them to take on more and more, as we were clearly impressed by what they had to offer!
Not only has Igloo been extremely professional, they have also gone above and beyond what we initially expected from them, making an extra effort to cater to our individual needs.
I love the personal attention that Igloo gives to its clients, and am really happy with their services- hope that they can keep it up!

Shehzeen Ahmad | Manager

Based on my experience, Igloo is one of the best website designers and developers in the industry thanks to their professional team and top-notch service. The staff in Igloo has an in-depth knowledge of the services they provide, and they are able to demonstrate it by delivering outstanding results.I was impressed by their creativity and attention to detail every step of the way. They make sure they understand their clients’ needs, which is why I highly recommend Igloo to any business who needs a website.

Aksana Bazhdugova | General Manager

As leader in our industry, communication, marketing and branding are important part of our day-to-day business. Brand awareness and positioning are of strategic importance and this is best left to experts.The Igloo team have assisted us with our social media activities, marketing and website solutions so far as well as working on special projects.

Romain Liot | Managing Director
High-Tech Marketing

Working with the latest technology we design.

Considered Design

We respond directly to a project’s objectives.

Creative Collaboration

We love working with people who embrace the design.

Impeccable Service

Great service is achieved through professionalism.

Understand situation

Working with the latest technology we design.


Is it better to hire a freelancer or an agency?

It depends if you have experience in design and coding. It also depends if you have time to manage a freelancer. If you can afford a freelancer disappearing and having to find another freelancer to continue the work. Usually, agencies are more reliable as they have multiple resources, they can be held more accountable, and easier to work with. Agencies normally have more experience as they have a mixed portfolio of multiple employees. Good to keep in mind that normally agencies charge more than freelancers.

Is WordPress a good solution?

WordPress and any similar solutions could be a great choice for many businesses, as a lot of the work is already done. WordPress has existing templates to choose from, plugins, and a ready CMS. But as many readymade platforms, WordPress comes with limitations and possible security issues. It is always better to build a site from scratch, but that requires more time and investment to build; let alone the maintenance.

Is WooCommerce a good solution?

WooCommerce is a reliable ecommerce platform that is used by thousands of businesses. It has many built-in functionalities, great plugins, and a readymade CMS. But just like many platforms, WooCommerce comes with limitations and potential security issues. We however build websites on it, and always had great experiences using it.

What programming languages do you use?

We work with any language a client requires as we have a big team of front and backend coders in Dubai and other cities around the globe.

Are the websites you built SEO optimized?

As we are a performance driven digital marketing agency, we always recommend to our clients to have the right onpage structure. We also make sure that when we deliver websites, they are fully optimized technically so they get high scores and credits from search engines like Google.


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