we202 Casestudy

The challenge

We202 (formerly known as WellFitEMS), approached Igloo while searching for an advisor who could help them with the rebranding of their cutting-edge fitness training program. Having struggled with other marketing agencies, We202 wanted a trusted partner that could work with them closely, study and understand their business, and align with their goals. In addition, We202 wanted this new agency to lead their communication and marketing strategy to effectively promote their exclusive fitness technology in the US market.

We were thrilled to embark in a project with a focus on ground-breaking technology applied to health and wellness.

A franchise-ready approach with community feel

After spending time understanding We202’s business and performing a brand analysis, we created a plan to strategically communicate We202 services, their technology, and the benefits of their training program(shorter period of time, quicker results, no injury risk).


Renaming and rebranding

igloo created a unique new name that reflects what the product does, the length and frequency of the product and service’s use.

  1. The word We stands for Wireless EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation). “We” also refers to community that is crated between trainers and members.

  1. (202) refers to the perfect workout that happens in 20 minutes, 2 times a week.

Receive a physical baseline in five major categories

Monitor fitness progress and recovery status to avoid overtraining

Compare progress over time

Track body’s response to nutrition and lifestyle changes

Track results on your App and smartphone

The Deliverables

Below is a list of the top deliverables:

  • New brand name and brand meaning
  • New logo and brand guidelines
  • Website design and development including management and hosting
  • Copy writing and blogs
  • Video and photos
  • Creative social media content
  • Social media marketing management
  • Media budgeting
  • Performance ads: Google Display and Facebook Ads
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Lead generation campaign
  • Marketing automation

Upgrade of the social media experience

Our hyper focused approach allows We202 to target clients with clear messaging about We202’s unique fitness program.

Results just after three months of launch:

After only few months of launching, we were able to achieve the following:

Generate hundreds of leads every month

Provide a Low Cost Per Lead (CPL) compared to industry average

Achieve 70% Conversion Rate from trials to clients

Place We202 in first position on search engines

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