Video – You Are A Marketeer!

YOU Are A Marketeer!

This video is for business people and managers.

If you are in business, then you are a marketeer. If you are in sales, you market the business you work for. If you are in marketing, you do the same. If you are in an operation or an admin role like finance, HR, tech, design, account management or customer service, you also market your business by engaging with individuals and clients.

The question is, are you and your team trained in all the areas that can 1, increase your client retention rate, and 2 win new clients? both these elements help you grow your revenues right?

If you and your team members aren’t trained in all these areas, do you think it is worth when you are?

If you think it is, the first question would be what are these areas, and the second question would be how can I and my team get trained?

The areas that would help you increase your retention rate are, service or product knowledge, custom service, communication skills, and honesty. It is crucial to be honest with your clients so you build a long term relationship. It is also crucial that you and your team know inside out your products or services. It is also crucial that you have a high level of customer service; if you don’t like that part, it is important to hand it over to someone that does, instead of you failing at it.

And last, it is also crucial for you and your team to have a high level of communication skills; and that includes knowing how to communicate, and how to speak and write a language coherently. 

The second part to grow your revenues is by you and your team members contributing to winning more clients. Now, how can you do that if you are not in sales? what if you are in marketing, HR, finance, customer service, etc.? Well, the easy way to do so is by sharing content about your company on social media, that could be by you creating the content or sharing someone else’s content from your company, or simply your company’s content. Second, send emails and WhatsApp messages to your contacts about your products or services, new offers, and holiday wishes. That way your contacts know more about your company’s offering and hopefully buy from you when they have the need.

For emails, you can use an automation tool like ActiveCampaign, or MailChimp, and for WhatsApp, you can create Broadcast Lists so you send instantly the message to many people at once. Side note; remember to have an opt out option in your emails and WhatsApp messages so users can stop receiving your messages if they wish to.

And last, whenever you are out networking with people, tell them about your company’s offering; you never know who could be your next customer.

Are you going to apply any of these tips? Which ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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