Video – Why SEO generates the best leads for my business?

Ranking organically for search terms like “digital marketing agencies in dubai” generate the best quality leads for my agency.

I run Google Search ads, Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube ads, I buy databases of emails and send them added value emails, I retarget users on various platforms, my colleagues do outbound calling, we network, attend events, get referrals, and the list goes on to generate leads; and I tell you that the best leads we get as a business are the ones from organic traffic.

Are you wondering why? Well, it’s because many people nowadays know the difference between search ads and organic listings; organic listings create more trust as almost any business can run ads; and people know that. Organic listings create a certain perception in the users mind; a perception of business credibility, maturity, and trustworthiness.

When it comes to push marketing like ads on social media or sending emails to users that don’t know you; most of the users you are targeting first don’t know you so they won’t buy from you, second, users get annoyed by such emails and ads, and third, most probably these users don’t have a need. Unlike the users that search on Google; the users that search most likely have a need; and therefore search traffic generates the most qualified leads.

In short, search traffic is better than the other mentioned traffic, and organic traffic is better than paid search traffic. That makes SEO traffic the best source of traffic.

I created quite some content around SEO in video and text formats; you can find them on Igloo’s blog; I’ll leave a link in the description.

Does #SEO generate the best quality traffic for your business? Let us know in the comments below.


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