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Video – What is keyword rank 0 or featured snippets?

Video Transcription:

Keyword Rank 0, also known as featured snippets, is the highest ranking result on the Google Search Engine Results Pages. 

It ranks higher than all organic search results, including rank 1 of course, but lower than the paid ads for that search term. 

It is an expanded text or video result that generally answers a user’s query.

Gaining Rank 0 helps you get more clicks and traffic to your website, simply because your listing is more apparent to the below ones. 

Since the launch of Rank 0 or featured snippets, ranking 1, 2 and 3 have lost a significant amount of traffic and decrease in CTR. So aiming for position 0 is the new game.

Good to note from what we are seeing is that one word queries where usually users are typically looking for a definition like umbrella, users tend to read the description in the snippet without needing to click on the link, which in return the traffic is calculated. 

For longer queries where users are looking for more information like how to buy a secondhand car, ranking position 0 drivers most of the traffic volume that is distributed between the first few listings.

Featured snippets are categorized in 3 main types. The first one is the paragraph; this one comes with definitions or single word queries. 

The second is a list based; this is a response to how to; shows you around 5 steps. 

The 3rd is the table; this shows data points. Outside these 3, we see videos, booking forms and a lot of image based snippets.

Now the question is how do you get keyword rank 0?

First search for the query you are trying to rank for see what Google is already showing; are they showing a paragraph featured snippet, an image, a video, table, etc. 

Based on that, it is recommended to incorporate that type of content into the content piece you want to rank for.

It is also important that your piece of content ranks on page 1. 

Apparently 70% of the featured snippets are pulled from sites in positions 2 through 10.

Now insert the query in the Htags of your page; best to include the query in the H1/ H2 and H3 tags. 

Also ensure your query is repeated few times in your content, preferably in the paragraph right after the H2 tag.

After you create the piece of content, publish it, and monitor its performance after few days. 

You can do some tweaks to the content by again looking at Google is ranking.

Good to always start with low competitive search queries as it is more difficult to rank for highly competitive ones as you will be competing normally with sites that have high authority, that Google in most case prioritize. 

If you decide to target highly searched queries, I recommend driving few links to that page to help it become more of an authority.

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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