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Video – The POWER of Marketing Automation

Video Transcript:

The POWER of Marketing Automation

Many medium size businesses I talk to in the B2B and B2C spaces don’t automate their marketing. And that is WRONG!

As a business, you can automate many of your marketing activities to grow your revenues, and you can do that for a fraction of your marketing budget. And if you don’t, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Instead of always focusing on acquiring new customers, what if you resell the ones that I already know you and bought from you. Isn’t that easier, more efficient, and more profitable?

What can you automate? You can automate your emails, smss, ads, web push notifications, and more.

What does that mean? Well, when a customer buys from you once and leave, you can either manually call them again one day, send them an email or sms when you remember, or retarget them on social media and other sites.

Automating your marketing means that you can automate that manual process, just like Amazon does for example.

How do you do that? You use a marketing automation platform like ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Zoho, MailChimp, and the list goes on.

You create marketing automation funnels on the platform, an example of that would be; when a customer buys your product, you send them the receipt by email, then another one when the product is delivered, after few days you send them an email to give their feedback on the product, after few days an email with similar products, after few days an email with new products you launched, you send them an email with a promo code to buy again, another email to refer a friend for a kickback, and the list goes on.

You can do the same with sms, web push notifications, and targeted ads.

Many of my clients that never automated their marketing and started doing so, see a huge return on investment now! and the best part is that they increased their CLTV (customer lifetime value), and in return decreased their churn rate. So now, my clients focus on getting new customers, and the marketing automation platform gets them back the customers that bought from them in the past.

Do you automate your marketing? share with us what works for you!

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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