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Video – How To Start Marketing Your New E-commerce Business?

Video Transcript:

I met 3 people that launched an ecommerce business that sells clothes for kids and moms. They asked me what’s the best way to start generating sales with the lowest budget. I told them based on my years of experience working with similar businesses that the best way is to drive 10,000 users in one month to the website to start drawing conclusions. And the most cost effective way to do so is to create an animation video that explains what they sell, show some of the items, their shipping and return policies, and an idea about the prices, and push this video on facebook and instagram.

To brake down what I just mentioned; first drive 10,000 users in one month time; why is that important? it’s important to drive such a number in such a timeframe to start drawing conclusions quickly; instead of driving 10,000 users in 6 months period and waiting until then to draw conclusion, drive them in a short period of time to start learning quickly what is working and what is not. By driving such an amount of users, they will start learning how these users are behaving on the site, how much time they spent, how many products they saw, how many users bounced off, how many users contacted them asking them questions, and how many made transactions.

The second point is to create a video instead of an image ad; a video could answer a lot more questions the users have from an image ad; the image ad could answer one or two questions while a video could answer a lot more; going with a video, the users that click on it and land of the website would be more qualified and would take some extra time to find answers that the video didn’t answer. We know that users want to find information quickly, they are lazy to navigate through sites, and in general they hate new websites as they have to figure out how they work and where to find information; the reason why users also like to purchase from the same websites; like, amazon, etc.

The third and last point is using social media as a medium instead google search ads, seo, email marketing, sms marketing, and influencer marketing. Social media allows them to push the video they created which the other channels I just mentioned don’t. Social media is somehow still today the cheapest medium to advertise. Channels like google search ads would cost them more considering the space they compete in, and they have to optimize their pages by adding the right content for them to rank. The same goes for SEO; it is a long term strategy which would take them months to rank for some keywords and would cost them a bomb; email marketing and sms marketing are not that effective as most users don’t open them due to the large amount of SPAM out there, and influencer marketing takes a lot of work and time to find and work with influencers, not to mention the cost. Social media ads would cost them a fraction of the above channels, gives them the flexibility to run a video, and is scalable; driving these 10,000 in a short period of time.

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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