Video – How to INVEST your Marketing Budget?

Video Transcript:

Many medium size businesses I talk have no idea what’s the best marketing channel for them? Why is that? it’s because they don’t fully track their customer journey and their campaigns aren’t optimised.

What I mean by that is, when a business doesn’t have a good set up structure between their marketing channels, CRMs and marketing automation platforms, and when their marketing campaigns on the channels they use aren’t optimised, they would never know which platforms or channels get them the best customers.

I was talking to a prospect the other day, and she said Facebook gets her a lot of new business but they are the customers that spend the least. Google Search Ads doesn’t generate as much business for her but the customers are her best spenders.

After looking deeper in her accounts, we realised that her budget is limited on Google Search Ads, her campaigns aren’t set up the right way, she’s bidding on irrelevant keywords without knowing, doesn’t have negative keyword lists set up in her account, and her site landing pages aren’t optimised in terms of onpage structure.

So by optimising her Google Search Ads campaigns and her landing pages, she will start seeing a lower cost per conversion which potentially might give her a better return than Facebook.

In addition, she could set up marketing automation with a CRM to really understand which channels are giving her long term the best return.

Do you know which marketing channel is giving you the best return? And if so, are your other marketing channels fully optimised? In other words, are you sure which channel is giving you the best return? Let us know!

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