Video – How To Choose The Right Digital Agency?


This video is to help you choose the right digital agency.


8 TIPS to choose a Digital Agency:

Tip # 1 – visit the agency in person

Tip # 2 – speak with the agency’s clients

Tip # 3 – google the agency’s online reviews

Tip # 4 – see the agency’s work

Tip # 5 – run a small test before going all inĀ 

Tip # 6 – see the staff qualifications

Tip # 7 – see the agency’s financial statement

Tip # 8 – have penalties in the agreementĀ 



Bassem’s Bio:

Bassem Saber is one of the managing partners and head of performance marketing at Igloo, a leading digital marketing agency based in Dubai. Bassem’s expertise in digital marketing spans since 2010 with experience in building one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in the Middle East, to co-founding an online travel agency, coaching start-ups, and helping businesses with their digital marketing strategies and execution.

Bassem overlooks the performance marketing department at Igloo and works closely with Igloo’s clients and the digital marketing team that consists of SEO, SEA, Social Media, Email Marketing, Automation, Web Development, and Content Creators. He crafts his clients’ digital strategies and ensures the execution is done at the highest standards.

When Bassem isn’t busy working with people, he’s speaking to them. He is an active speaker at conferences and workshops based on digital marketing best practices. Along with his experience, he has a diploma in digital marketing and other digital and inbound marketing certifications.


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