Video – Are Social Media Posts Worth It?

social media posts

I get these questions a lot. Should I post on social media? Will posting on social media get me business? How often should I post? Which platform is the best?

If these questions come to your mind, I would tell you, in short, that social media is a great place for your business to be.

First, social media is where literally everyone is. Second, social media is one, if not the cheapest form of marketing!

Now, it’s important to know on which platform your target audience is.

It is also important what type of content your target audience like to consume.

And good to keep in mind that if you don’t boost your posts on platforms like Facebook and instagram, only a very small percentage of your followers see it.

On another note, good to take advantage of LinkedIn and TikTok nowadays as they show posts organically way more than others do. Why? Because they don’t have as much content as other platforms do, and they want to encourage users to use their platforms.

In short, being on social media helps you reach almost everyone! And it is dirt cheap! So roll your sleeves and start posting!

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