Video – Are Google Search Ads Worth it?


I recently started working with an e-commerce business that gets their sales mainly from Facebook and Instagram Ads. They ran Google Search Ads in the past but didn’t work for them.

When I analyzed their Google Ads account, it was a complete mess; the person that they hired to do the work obviously didn’t know what she was doing.

I promised them that when the campaigns are set up correctly, they’re going to get good results. And that’s what happened.

Today Google Search Ads generates more than 40% of their revenues and it helped them grow their overall revenues as they hit a plateau with Facebook and Instagram ads.

The bottomline is, when you know that users are searching online for your products, then of course it makes sense for you to invest in Google Search Ads.

Only good to keep in mind the cost per conversion you’re getting and if it is giving you a healthy return on investment. And that indeed applies to everything you are investing in. 

Are you investing in Google Search Ads? Let us know how it is working for you.

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