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Video – 5 easy and effective link building ways to increase website traffic.

Video Transcription:

The 2 best ways to increase your website traffic is by writing great pieces of content that search engines like Google and users love. By doing so, search engines would rank you for it, which then users read it on your website, and some users would share it with others. The second best way is building links on other websites that users find, click, and land on your site.

In this video, we’re going to cover the link building part. I created a video earlier about how to create content that works; I’ll leave the link here and in the description below.

Building links is crucial to increase website traffic. In this video I’ll be sharing with you 6 easy and effective ways to do so.

The first way is registering on business directories. Business directories attract lots of users searching for service providers so having your business listed there will drive users to your site or users contacting you directly.

Simply search online for business directories starting with local directories, create a list on an excel sheet, and start registering your profile.

The second way is link exchange. Exchanging links with other website is another good approach to get traffic to your website.

Create a list of your friends that are in business, your suppliers, your business partners, potential partners, and other businesses in your space that would be interested in exchanging links.

Reach out to them and tell them about your strategy that will help both of you drive more users to each others’ websites. You can insert the links on logos, or as hyperlinked text as part of a service page, blog, or any relevant page on your sites. You could also propose writing a blog for them that they will place on their website, and within this blog, a link to your site.

The third way is guest writing. Writing for publications and blogs would also get you traffic to your site as normally these publications and blogs drive users to their pages.

To start, create a list of the publications and blogs that are in your space; again start with the local ones if you are targeting users locally. Second, draft an email saying how good their content is, and that you would like to add to value to their readers by contributing for free to their blog or publication. Look out for the publications and blogs that give out a link back to businesses, as some don’t.

The fourth way is blog and forum commenting. Again such platforms could generate good traffic to your site.

Start by creating a list of these blogs and forums, register your profile, and start commenting naturally to questions or the written blogs; after commenting few times, slip in your website link. It is crucial that your comments look genuine and add value to users. Again, look out for blogs and forums that allow you to add links.

The fifth way is called HARO; HARO or is a site that has over 50,000 content creators that are looking for help to write their content.

Simply register your profile and start receiving daily emails with service requests. Click on the request that is relevant to you, and submit your answer to the content creator. If the content creator likes your answer, they will add it to their piece of content, and as a thank you, they link to your site.

I created another video that is more in depth about how to create links using the guest posting technique, HARO and another technique called the skyscraper technique which I didn’t cover here as it needs tools like ahrefs or moz; I leave the link to this video here and in the description.

Alright, this is it for this video, I hope you found it beneficial. If you did, hit the like button, and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already.

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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