Why Your Business Should Invest in Branded Content

branded content

Amidst a digital marketplace where businesses are constantly trying to stand out above the rest, branded content can provide the much-needed visibility boost you need. With about 74.5% of marketers incorporating branded materials into their online strategies, you don’t want to be the only business trailing behind. 

Successful brand marketers incorporate blogs, videos, social media content, and podcasts to engage their customers, so if you aren’t already funneling efforts into your brand strategy, here are a few reasons why you should.

What is the Difference Between Branded Content & Content Marketing?

While the differences are subtle, content marketing and branded content each have unique features. While both are intended for interested audiences, branded content is skewed more to reflect what your business is about. 

Plus, branded content moves like lightning. Intended to hook an audience from the beginning, it delivers quicker results than most content marketing campaigns. If you’re not yet convinced that branded content is for you, here are a few reasons that may change your mind.  

Increase Website Traffic

Compared to other forms of marketing, branded content can improve your traffic by up to three times—those are a lot of potential business converts. Thoughtfully crafted branded content should engage, assist, and give your website visitors a reason to come back for more. 

While an increase in website traffic doesn’t guarantee sales, it does improve opportunities to convert. For instance, did you know that a single, well-written blog post can grow your website traffic by up to 843%? That’s a number that doesn’t keep you guessing.

We’re not just talking website traffic, either. Nowadays, most consumers rely on social media channels to receive updates on their favorite brands. The more active you are on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more likely you are to engage with new and existing audiences who can make your marketing dollars worth the effort.

branded content

Build Trust

Setting yourself apart as a trusted resource is imperative to honing brand loyalty. In a digital landscape where fake news, undeclared social media ads, and forged items are rampant, you want to be an authority figure that consumers can trust. 

Sharing authentic branded content not only provides your customers with peace of mind but it sets you apart as a go-to resource within your industry. In addition, if you have an active social media presence, you can leverage platforms like Twitter to provide customer service solutions and quick answers to burning questions. 

Enhance Lead Quality

Contrary to popular belief, more leads don’t necessarily equate to more sales—lead quality matters more than you think. Higher-quality leads are more likely to become repeat customers and drive more business to your company through word-of-mouth marketing. 

Instead of wasting precious marketing dollars on leads who won’t generate any sales, prioritize those who have already demonstrated interest in your brand. Targeting qualified and dependable leads will increase your ROI in the long run. 

Not to mention, high-quality leads stick around for longer. Unlike traditional advertising, evergreen content is timeless—and so are your loyal customers. 

Improve SEO Strategy

As a marketer, you are probably already familiar with the ups and downs of SEO. Still, many new marketers tend to underestimate the effect branded content has on your search engine rankings. 

While keywords were once king, branded content now reigns supreme. Instead of focusing too heavily on search terms, directing your efforts towards crafting valuable and enticing content is what will make your Google results flourish. 

Remember, SEO algorithms are ever-changing, and so are methods of staying top-of-mind with your customers. By outfitting your content with relevant keywords and topics your consumers are interested in, you can create a winning marketing strategy that delivers long-term results.

We recommend curating a brand-specific pillar or cluster model to transform your blog. 

Cost-Effective Solutions

Content marketing costs about 62% less yet guarantees at least three times the leads you’d expect compared to traditional advertising tactics. Though creating branded content can become time-consuming, it doesn’t have to put a dent in your marketing wallet. 

Do you lack an in-house writer or designer? A professional marketing agency can bear the weight of meaty blog posts and witty captions for you. 

Not to mention, branded content is easy to repurpose, which means you won’t spend more than you have to. Through effective retargeting, you can open the door to repeat business from existing customers.

branded content

Stand Out as a Leading Industry Figure

Let’s face it—no matter how unique your products and services are, chances are there is already someone competing against you. Still, how you present yourself can make all the difference. 

Customers want to know you are credible. By demonstrating your expertise, you can confirm that you are a valuable resource within your niche. 

So, how do you assess the quality of your content? The answer is simple—and available online: content scoring. As you continue to increase your marketing budget, content scoring metrics are imperative to evaluate what aspects of your strategy need work and which ones are succeeding. 

Improve Traction on Social Media

If you don’t already have a social media presence, we recommend developing one, stat. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are teeming with potential buyers just waiting to get swept off their feet—and credit cards—by brands that provide solutions to their unique problems. 

Could your social media following use a much-needed boost? Trendy content is one way to get there. Use social listening tactics and hyper-targeting to find out what consumers are interested in and place your content in front of the right people.

The Bottom Line

Branded content is a powerful way to engage new and returning audiences while keeping your budget afloat. If your business has a story to tell, use it to your advantage—the results will speak for themselves. 
Don’t know where to begin? Contact one of our marketing experts at Igloo, an award-winning agency that can help get your campaign off the ground.

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