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First, our team of specialists will meet with you to understand your target market, the products or services you want to promote, your value differentiation, and your business challenges and goals. This will help us put together a plan, and develop your optimal website strategy.

Second, we start working on your website layout, features, functionalities, and user journey to sketch the wireframes of your website.

Third, our web designers will design different wireframes based on your specific website requirements; we will share them with you to understand which one is the best fit.

Fourth, once we finalize the design and it is approved by you, we will start coding and developing your website.

Firth, once developed we will test your website to ensure it’s functioning properly on all devices and browsers, and the pages are loading quickly and properly. And make changes if necessary.

It only takes a few seconds for your website to leave an impression on potential customers. How well-curated your website is can make the difference between a conversion and a loss, which is what makes our design services a must.

At Igloo, we create innovative and effective websites that your customers can connect with. We take a long-term approach that considers your brand’s mission and vision while considering industry trends.

If you value powerful and creative visuals, our website design services are for you.

Finally, we will launch your website to the public.

What You Get With Your Igloo Web Design Package

Search Engine Optimized Pages

For a website to succeed, it must be relevant, valuable, and highly searchable. We design SEO-friendly pages that achieve improved brand visibility and higher traffic by:

  • Conducting keyword research and incorporating them into appropriate areas on your page
  •  Varying website media such as text, images, and video
  • Creating optimized URL structures
  • Designing a responsive website that ensures a seamless experience across all devices
Customized Visuals

Effective web design should perfectly capture your brand. We provide multiple styles that include:

  • Simple and modest
  • Sophisticated
  • Futuristic
  • Vibrant

Ultimately, how you want your website to look is entirely up to your preferences. Our professional strategists are experts at translating the essence of your brand onto any screen.

Website Copywriting

How your website reads is just as important as how it looks. The more succinct and impactful your website copy is, the more potential customers will be encouraged to do business with you.

Our specialized team of copywriters has experience writing for all types of industries and can write engaging copy that converts visitors.

Responsive Website Design

Nowadays, more gadget users are browsing the internet using their mobile phones than ever before. If you don’t want to miss out on valuable internet traffic, our responsive website design services are just what you need.

With our responsive design options, your website can rank higher on Google and provide seamless browsing to your visitors.

eCommerce Variations

If you run an online shop, our website design company can integrate all the sales functionalities you need.

Through our eCommerce designs, you can streamline your payment systems and keep better track of your sales.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

CMS offers greater value to your website than you might anticipate—especially if you don’t have an in-house developer. Instead of worrying about updating a page title or reworking an article, you can depend on us to streamline your content.

Our Web Design Process

When it comes to website design, no two brands are identical. Thus, we take a tailor-fit approach to your specific vision.

Our website design services consider every aspect of your immediate needs and future goals. To perfectly curate your website, we take the following steps.

Creative Consultation

  • Thorough discussion about your brand goals and vision
  •  Comprehensive brand persona for predicting market trends and competitor behavior
  • In-depth analysis of your current brand identity
  •  Review of social media trends for reference

Website Development

  • Brainstorm of ideas and design concepts
  • Blueprint of website functionality and analysis of usability
  • Cost estimates
  •  Color studies
  • Prototyping

Ad Strategy

  • Logo studies and design
  • Social media and website ads
  • A/B testing
  • Long-term advertising campaigns
  • Custom banners and graphics

Why Choose Igloo to Do Your Website Design?

While DIY-ing a website might save you money, it isn’t going to save you time—or promise the results you want. If you’re on the fence about hiring a professional web design company, here are a few reasons you should collaborate with Igloo.

  • Increase Conversion Rates: Whether your conversion goals involve making a sale or getting a customer to sign up for a service, our professional web design services can help you achieve them. The more usable and enticing your website is, the more likely your visitors are to convert.
  • Make a Good First Impression: At the very most, an online user will only spend a few seconds on a website before they lose interest. If your website is outdated or poorly optimized, you could risk losing valuable leads. However, a thoughtfully crafted website can encourage users to keep browsing—and possibly even make a sale.
  • Optimize User Experiences: Did you know that excellent user experiences make for optimal ROI? Through our professional web design services and performance testing, you can make it far easier for your consumers to discover the information they need.
  • Stay Ahead of Competitors: Regardless of industry, there is already a company doing what you’re doing. To gain your competitive edge, you need a reason to stand out. With our visual solutions, you can emphasize why your product or service is a step above the rest.
  • Improve Your Search Engine Ranking: When you pair search engine optimization with web design services, you get a brand that ranks well on Google. Through clever design and state-of-the-art optimization tactics, we can guarantee first-page results.

Start Making a Good First Impression Today

Our award-winning designers have decades of experience. We’ve partnered with clients from dozens of different industries and employ only the most dedicated project managers.

If you need a performance-driven website to allow your business to thrive, get an instant quote from Igloo today!


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