SEO Case Study


To grow the organic traffic and rank on top positions for highly searched keywords

Client Name: GMCClinics Business: Group of Clinics Markets: UAE Languages: English SEO Competition: High

Work Executed


Designed and Developed a new website as the previous one was outdated.

Audited the competitors website, and their SEO strategies to understand how to put an SEO attack plan.

Drafter a strategy for the content, link building, and technical optimization.


  • Based on the content strategy we set out, we revamped the content of the service pages, adding the chosen keywords with the right keyword density.
  • Identified based on the keyword research, which keywords we want to target, and based on that, executed the strategy targeting medium and high search volume search queries.
  • Drafted and executed an effective strategy for the meta tags, title tags, and image tags. Also added header tags to all the pages targeting the right keywords, and their synonyms.
  • Executed a blog strategy to target more and trending keywords.


  • Executed an effective mixed backlinks portfolio including link insertions in third party sites, wrote topics as guest posts, added local business directories, and shared documents and articles on doc sharing sites, PR and social bookmarking sites.
  • Constantly monitored the backlinks portfolio and removed spammy links the client was getting from their competitors and scammers.


  • Improved the site loading time by launching a new site.
  • Upgraded the website hosting to improve the website speed.
  • Resubmitted sitemaps.
  • Ensured the robots.txt file are correctly set up.


Within 18 months, we ranked many keywords on positions 1-3

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