Pay per Click Management

Powerful Marketing in an Instant

Pay per click advertising transformed the world of business. With it, you can reach hundreds of potential customers when they’re the most interested in finding your solutions. It’s precise, cost-efficient, and comes with full transparency into where your budget is going.

The pay per click (PPC) model of digital advertising was a revolution for sales. With Google and other tools, businesses of just about any size can access broad groups of people who are ready to make a purchase decision.

According to research by Unbounce, site visitors who follow PPC links are 50% more likely to spend than organic visitors. These warm, qualified leads are the lifeblood for many businesses in an increasingly digital environment.

Likewise, you can expect high returns over time. if a click costs 4 dirhams and nets you 10 in exchange, that’s a good deal. For some industries, the return of one good sale can go as high as the thousands—all for a similar, low cost.

Our team of specialists handle all the complex, moving parts required to keep a PPC campaign going strong:

  • Keyword & search intent research
  • Bidding strategy
  • Ad & bid management
  • Landing page design & optimization
  • Reporting & analytics

Some of our PPC Case Studies

Stay Competitive with Pay per Click

PPC marketing offers a broad range of benefits that are important to staying competitive in today’s business landscape

Stand out from the crowd

Your prospects have limited time and attention. The first solution that fits their needs and price range will likely earn their business—with PPC, you have a much better chance of being their top pick.

Spend less, do more

The best marketing efforts take on many different forms, which means keeping a balanced and healthy budget can be a challenge. The low cost and high impact of PPC makes it a strong addition to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Boost your brand visibility

Ads on Google’s Display Network reach up to 90% of all internet users, per Wordstream. Needless to say, a strong PPC effort can take your brand from obscurity to broad renown.

Partner with the professionals

When you engage with a PPC marketing manager, you invest in your own competitive advantage. A dedicated agency can reward you with a steady stream of new business, adjusting to match your pace of growth as needed.

Pay per Click in All Its Forms

There are plenty of different forms that PPC marketing can take. At Igloo, we’ve invested countless hours into mastering each of them.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords are what come to mind when you think of PPC—these are the ads that appear on top of search results pages.

There’s a lot more going on with AdWords than meets the eye.

You have to optimize the different elements on the ad (titles, copy, extensions), design landing pages that are purpose-built to make the most of your clicks, and obsess over bidding and performance in real-time.

Google Display Network

The banner ads and other ad visuals you see when browsing the internet are typically delivered through the Google Display Network.

As you can imagine, it takes experience and creativity to deliver high-quality visual ads that earn clicks and interest. Likewise, anything you put up on the Display Network needs to match your landing pages and the overall messaging of your brand. Consistency is key when it comes to turning clicks into paying customers.

Other Search Engines

Google isn’t the only search engine in the world. Having a diverse presence across ad platforms (ex. Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing) can earn you leads that would have otherwise gone underserved.

Quality PPC Ads Every Single Time

  • Quality is an absolute must when it comes to designing pay per click ads. Google’s algorithms assign Quality Scores and Ad Ranks in order to determine their cost per click.
  • This literally means that an expert approach will increase your ROI—and conversely, running substandard ads will make things more expensive.
  • Our teams at Igloo are dedicated to the art and science of designing ads that run for low costs and, more importantly, result in sales for your business.

Our PPC and Google AdWords Strategy

Your Digital Marketing Agency should have the answer!

When you work with Igloo as your PPC Management Agency, we translate your business goals into well-defined PPC strategies. We do this through thorough keyword research, landing page and website audits, competitor research, and a comprehensive PPC plan.

Once we formulate a plan, we start by running a test campaign. This will help us calibrate and optimize your ads for best results. Our goal is to help increase your brand awareness and improve your bottom line.

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What Does Igloo Bring to the Table?

Other agencies have customers. At Igloo, we have partners. By keeping strong relationships with the businesses that come to us, we can serve with maximum effort and transparency.

Our PPC solutions include the following:

Ad Strategy

Our experts work with you to set clear goals and give you the tools to better understand the world of PPC. By doing so, we can build custom-fit strategies that do exactly what you need, when you need it.

Audience Targeting

Since the internet is a huge place, we sit down with you to define which segments hold the most value for you and your ads. Many of our clients appreciate this step, and take the insights we help them generate into their other marketing efforts.

Ad Design & Bid Management

Our teams are trained to understand the needs and strengths of your brand identity and highlight your best features when building ads. Then they monitor your bidding strategies to keep your costs low and returns high.

Analytics and Iteration

Data plays a core role in what we do. The numbers that your ads generate form the roadmap for how your next ads can perform better and drive stronger results—we stay tuned in and crunch the numbers so you can sit back and benefit.