Google Ads Case Study


To increase the ROI on the Ad Spend

Business: Leading Waterpark in Dubai
Years in Operation: 12
Markets: UAE
Languages: English/ Arabic
Competition: Medium

Work Executed

  • Drafted and executed a Google Ads strategy that consisted of Google Search Ads, and Google Display Ads for targeting and retargeting users that visited the website.
  • Audited the client’s accounts, campaigns, ad groups and ads, and set an action plan accordingly.
  • Audited the conversion trackers that were setup on GTM and Analytics, and revamped most of them as they weren’t setup correctly.
  • Drafted new varieties of ad groups and ads as part of AB testing to improve conversions.
  • Added more content on the website landing pages to improve conversions and increase the quality score.
  • Improved the title tags and meta descriptions to improve the CTR.
  • Added negative lists for each campaign to increase the ROI.
  • Tested different bidding strategies to improve the ROI.


  • By month 3 of launching the new campaigns, the client saw an increase of 20% in sales with the budget used before.
  • By month 6, the client saw an increase of 30% in sales with the same budget used.
  • By month 12, the ROI increased by 40% with the same budget used.

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