Digital Marketing Case Study


To increase the number of students through online marketing

Business: Leading University in Dubai Years in Operation: 9 Markets: UAE Languages: English/ Arabic Competition: Medium

Work Executed

  • Drafted a digital marketing strategy that included developing a new website, running paid ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, TikTok), investing in SEO, social media marketing, activating a livechat, and marketing automation.
  • Executed the strategy for the content, website user interface and experience, paid ads look and feel, link building for SEO, and assets for the marketing automation.


  • Within 3 months, the new website was up and running, and all marketing campaigns’ assets were ready to launch.
  • By month 4, the client was receiving 10s of leads daily.
  • By month 5, the client got back the investment put on building the initial assets and marketing budget spent.
  • By month 6 onwards, the client was profitable, and achieving their set targets and KPIs.
  • By month 10, the client was ranking organically for the most competitive keywords on top of Page 1 of Google and Bing.
  • By month 20, the client was extremely profitable and ready to invest in building a second university in another city.

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