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Branding is the foundation of all marketing activities

Without a clear and well-conceived plan brand strategy, you might never see the returns you’re after. With over 15 years of experience in helping clients across industries develop their brands and find their voices, Igloo’s specialists are your best bet at making an unforgettable impression.

Logo And Brand Guide

We build the visual foundation of your brand

Performence branding

We bring life to your brand ads by creating effective and creative art

Packaging Design

We design packaging that will your customers want


We create visually stunning marketing materials for your business


We produce effective content that drives you more sales


Gifs, 3d videos and everything in between

Complex Brand Strategies Made Easy

Like it or not, the most effective brand plans are complex. They’re built around your customers’ needs, your core competencies, your competitors’ identities, and even the marketing platforms available to you.

It’s a lot to juggle, even for the most self-aware business. If you’re struggling to pick and mix all the right elements of your strategy, then it’s time to partner with the pros.

At Igloo, we excel at creating unique and compelling stories from chaos. Our passion to excel is matched only by the talent that our team has to offer: we work hard and pull all the stops to take your brand from obscurity to stardom.

Develop a Voice Your Customers Will Love

It’s hard to create a friendly and compelling voice from scratch. With the staggering number of brand names out in the market, standing out can seem almost impossible.

At Igloo, we take a data-driven approach to crafting brand identities that people trust and recall. We build using key foundational elements that most agencies overlook, such as:

  • Your target audiences’ needs and preferences.
  • Your past and ongoing marketing campaigns across channels.
  • The cultural and commercial nuances of your business’ location.
  • Your current and potential influencers.
  • The trends and moments that generate buzz in popular culture.
  • Your core strengths—both the ones you already know, and the ones we help you discover.

Lastly, we study your competitors obsessively to ensure your brand stays unique. With our years of experience and analytical approach to marketing, we find new and creative ways for you to make a splash and earn brand loyalty.

Create Impressive Brand Visuals

Modern businesses need strong visuals to convince their audiences. As an award-winning branding company, we have a long track record for developing logos, branded images, illustrations and other visuals that have become important icons for our clients.

If you’ve ever had to restrain your creativity because nobody was around to execute your ideas, let our creative teams break new ground for your brand.

Craft Unforgettable Brand Experiences

In 2021, customers are learning to expect experiential marketing from their chosen providers. The most successful businesses invest in steering their leads along informative, persuasive, and value-adding journeys from start to finish.

We’re a branding company, but we’re also so much more: we’ve gathered experts in paid advertising, SEO, web design & development and many other facets of marketing.

Our end product is smart, strategic, and exceptional marketing across channels.

Still have questions?

Branding is a complex topic that we could discuss for hours on end. If there’s anything you need to know that wasn’t covered in this page, feel free to contact us.

Stay Focused with an Expert-Designed Brand Book

A brand book can double the potential of your marketing efforts. With it, you can run more campaigns simultaneously, communicate more consistently, and execute more detailed strategies.

Keep your brand identity well-defined with guidelines for your:

  • Logo usage and variants
  • Color palettes
  • Typeface and font parameters
  • Key visuals and icons
  • Photo treatments (ex. filters, frames)
  • Slogans, taglines and key phrases

Take a look at some of the samples we’ve collected over the years. They’ll give you an idea of what you can expect, but note that we devote our full attention to each client and build from the ground-up—no recycled ideas here!

Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

As a veteran branding company, we understand that consistency is the secret to winning customers and driving sales.

The gap between digital and traditional marketing channels is smaller than you might think. Your leads expect similar experiences when viewing your print ads, visiting your website, and finally calling in for an inquiry (or shopping at your digital storefront).

Because maintaining your voice and communicating consistently across your platforms is easier said than done, it’s our job as a branding company to help you keep your plans tightly aligned.

We help you tell a cohesive and evolving story, keeping your communication strategies aligned across:

  • Traditional media (ex. TV, print, billboards)
  • Radio and podcasts
  • Social media
  • Your website
  • Google (ex. your My Business profile, NAP data)
  • Search and display ads
  • Your ecommerce storefront

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