Top Digital Marketing Trends in the UAE in 2022

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If you run a business in the MENA region, staying on top of the latest digital marketing trends is imperative. By keeping up with this ever-changing landscape, you can define and edit your marketing strategy as necessary. 

As more parts of daily life go digital, the UAE has become a significant player in international business. If you aren’t yet aware of the potential in the latest digital marketing trends in the UAE, here is everything you should know.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

According to Semrush, 40% of marketing departments prioritize artificial intelligence and machine learning for business success. These companies use AI to create personalized ads, tailored social media campaigns, product launches, and optimized content.

Artificial intelligence can also place your marketing materials in front of the right people—you won’t waste any time on disinterested customers. Solutions like virtual assistants and predictive customer segmentation can cut costs significantly and increase targeting accuracy. 

Furthermore, your business can implement AI and machine learning to create analytics-driven personalized recommendations for online shoppers. Companies can leverage this technology to predict future buying behavior using predictive analytics or modeling.

Marketing Automation

Contrary to popular belief, marketing automation doesn’t just exist to make repetitive or administrative tasks more efficient—they also provide opportunities to personalize customer experiences.

The best part about marketing automation is the insights are collected in real-time, allowing you to edit and skew active campaigns as needed.

Hyper-targeting potential customers and basing your efforts on existing needs can help you craft the right content for conversion. By leveraging personalization at scale, you can increase results like revenue and click-through rates and even shrink marketing costs. 

automationBig Data

In 2010, Instagram was a simple photo-sharing mobile application with no detailed analytics. Now, it has a built-in analytics hub that reflects engagements and interactions—metrics that can help you grow your business significantly. 

As data continues to become a significant player in evaluating marketing success, leveraging analytics software can help you monitor every aspect of your campaign. For instance, as artificial intelligence becomes more intuitive, you can use it to anticipate a customer’s next move and help push their journey forward along the sales funnel. 

Not to mention, AI can analyze massive volumes of data and implement predictive capabilities to help turn leads into conversions. As your business scales up, you can utilize big data to sharpen your focus and drive your desired results.

Digital Marketing Science

Unique to the UAE is its use of digital marketing science. This concept pertains to studying consumer behaviors and recognizing patterns within data or qualitative sources of information.

Thanks to digital marketing science, the UAE is the number one global player in business swiftness and future-readiness. MENA-based businesses can move more quickly through the planning and execution stages, compete with large-scale corporations, generate more revenue, and run longer, more effective campaigns.

Voice Search

Nowadays, voice search isn’t just fashionable. As the world’s leading business landscape, the UAE digital marketing scene must be as accessible as possible. 

Smart home owners, in particular, often garner information through devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Especially if you run a local business, voice search can do wonders for your local SEO campaigns.

Equipping your marketing campaigns with voice search can help settle inquiries faster and develop more trust with potential and existing customers.  

Video Marketing

Since the rise of TikTok, UAE businesses have wasted no time getting ahead of the latest video marketing strategies. Of today’s most successful marketers, 78% claim that video content helped increase overall sales, while 84% claim they generated leads.

If you run a MENA-based business, you’ll find no shortage of agencies to outsource video marketing services. After all, UAE’s most successful companies know the role video marketing plays in SEO, customer engagement, and ROI.

Not to mention, online consumers are vocal about their preference for video content because of how easy it is to interpret. Compared to walls of text, consumers are more likely to retain information presented in a video—plus, they are easy to share with others. 

Video marketing also increases sales because of its impressive reach. Posting them on your social media, landing pages, and emails can produce more conversions and increase your ROI.

At the end of your campaign, videos can provide helpful metrics that you can translate into detailed insights and use to improve future efforts.

marketingCSR Efforts

Now that 92% of S&P 500 companies consider corporate social responsibility (CSR) an integral part of their marketing strategies and core values, you can rest assured it’s a popular concept in the UAE today.

As businesses become more aware of their local, national, and global impact, socially responsible marketing efforts are now a priority. According to studies, investors are more likely to work with a brand that makes efforts to improve society and the environment. 

CSR also improves relationships with consumers who value sustainability—you earn their trust and loyalty. Depending on your MENA industry, there are a few social responsibility platforms you can experiment with, including the following. 

  • Environmental responsibility: Perhaps the most common form of CSR is ecological responsibility, which involves sourcing sustainable product materials and packaging and funding ecological activities like tree planting or coast cleanups. 
  • Ethical responsibility: This type of CSR involves social training to ensure the ethical treatment of stakeholders, investors, employees, and suppliers. 
  • Philanthropic responsibility: Companies that adopt philanthropic responsibility use a portion of their profits to benefit a chosen cause or organization. 
  • Economic responsibility: While maximized profits are a traditional business goal, companies that adopt financial responsibility put impact first and profits second.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing is evolving at breakneck speed, and UAE businesses are at the top of their game when it comes to keeping up. If your MENA-based company could use a marketing refresh, referring to these trending marketing strategies can help you get ahead of the competition and create lasting campaigns.

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