Top Digital Marketing Events in Dubai

In the 21st century, businesses simply cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing. With the internet being more accessible than ever and with the number of users increasing by the day, businesses need an online presence. However, a simple website is not going to be enough to gain the attention of the internet savvy consumer. Businesses need to implement a smart digital marketing strategy, taking into consideration their visibility in search engines, email communication, social media, and online advertising.

For businesses wanting to know more about how to develop their online presence and advertising, there are plenty of digital marketing events organized by influential event management company in Dubai that offer great insights. There will be an event for novices, borderline masters, and for those who want to know what the future holds in the world of digital marketing. So, in no particular order, here are some of the best digital marketing events Dubai has to offer.

Digital Marketing Masterclass

The Digital Marketing Masterclass is a must visit for those who want to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing. Attendees can expect to learn from digital marketing experts from some of the world’s top business to consumer brands. Through expert presentations, round-table discussions and a keynote speech, individuals can discover how to generate new business, whilst still retaining their loyal customers with a smart digital marketing strategy. Subjects tackled include, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, data management and programmatic advertising. The next Digital Marketing Masterclass will be held on the 13th of November and is free to attend.

SME World Summit

The annual event has seen such success over the past 5 years, that it is set to return in 2019 in April at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel Conference Center. One of Dubai’s largest business and marketing events, SME World Summit brings together small and medium-sized enterprises, which have the common goal of thriving in their businesses. There will be plenty of networking, partnership, and investment opportunities, between hi-tech companies and service providers. Expert speakers are sure to leave a lasting impression on attendees, furthering the initiative of fledgling and established entrepreneurs. Attracting over 7,000 entrepreneurs, there are plenty of business connections and new professional relationships to be made.

Seamless Middle East

Annual e-commerce event Seamless Middle East is easily the regions largest payments and commerce technology. The digital event is one of Dubai’s largest and focuses on four key areas Payments, Identity, Fintech, and E-commerce and Retail. With over 10,000 attendees, 350 exhibitors, and 300 speakers, Seamless Middle East brings together the region’s leading providers and organizations. Attendees can expect to be inspired by innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders from around the world.

Look out for the event in 2019, which will take place in April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The next Seamless the Middle East is expected to have a focus on the future of their four areas of interest, whilst also looking at alternative payment strategies and technologies.

Arab E-commerce Summit

The Arab E-commerce Summit is an annual event which aims to educate individuals and organizations about the nuances of the e-commerce business model. Additionally, business leaders can learn all about the opportunities e-commerce market can present to their organization, through workshops and presentations from experts in the field. Those wanting a greater insight into the e-commerce world can discuss the intricacies of the market, as well as what the future holds and any investment opportunities.

As e-commerce is an area of business that is growing annually across the Arab countries, companies in Dubai should discover how this relatively new market can be incorporated into their operations. The Arab E-commerce Summit offers a great opportunity for organizations just starting out with e-commerce to learn from successful entrepreneurs and their ventures.


The first digitally-focused conference series the Middle East has hosted, Digitalks offers attendees the opportunity to learn from the top digital marketers of the area. Experts in all fields of digital marketing and thought leaders speak at conferences, focusing on the world of e-commerce. There are plenty of opportunities to network and collaborate with professionals, making new and valuable business connections. The first event was held in early 2018, but with the demand for such an extensive digital marketing event so high in the Middle East, it will hopefully return once again in 2019. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Outreach: The Digital Marketing Summit

Held in early September in 2018, the Outreach Digital Marketing Summit returns to Dubai for the 3rd year. This year’s event will focus on ‘Insights on Consumer, Branding, and ROI (Return on Investment) in an Innovative Digital World. The conference will feature a number of prestigious speakers, including the Chief Marketing Officer at L’Oreal, the Head of Social Media at, and a Director of Marketing of Instagram. The expert speakers will tackle a range of important issues, such as understanding consumer behavior, the growth of wearable tech and its effect on marketing in the regions, and how interactive content can create better brand engagement.

With 40 speakers and panelists, and over 5 hours of time dedicated to networking, attendees are sure to gain a better understanding of how digital marketing can benefit their business. The Outreach Digital Marketing Summit will be one of the best opportunities to learn how to retain customers in the rapidly changing digital environment.

E-Commerce is a Rapidly Growing Market in Dubai

E-commerce is one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, but perhaps it has taken a little longer for it to take hold in the Middle East. However, with 90% of the population of the United Arab Emirates having an online presence through social media, the e-commerce market in the region is growing rapidly. To keep up with this growth, and pursue extra custom, organizations and small businesses will gain valuable knowledge from attending one of the many digital marketing events held in Dubai.

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