Top 20 Local Listing Directories for Business in Dubai

The greatest benefit of getting your business listed in a local directory is simple—your customers will know where to reach you. Much like a phonebook, those browsing can spot you by industry, and make decisions based on provided information. Unlike a phonebook, online directories can do a lot more to beef up your brand reputation and visibility. 

Here are 20 local business listing directories in Dubai that you might consider getting your businesses on.  

1. Dubai Business Directory

This directory is incredibly comprehensive, and features a map you can use to search in relation to your location. The largest free online directory in Dubai, the site hosts thousands of businesses and highlights the newest listings on its homepage. Listed along with each company is a concise overview of its services, location, and contact details. 

2. Dubai Yellow Pages

Ideal for those new to the region, this directory’s homepage lists Dubai’s top hotels, must-sees, seasonal events, and popular activities. Scroll down and you’re met with a list of important facts and figures such as exchange rates, business days, and geography. Businesses are, as with most directories, categorized by industry and tagged with popular keywords.

3. Dubai Biz Directory

This directory lists primarily industrial contractors in the realms of engineering, construction, and electronics. It features recent notices in the form of user enquiries and job postings tagged with concise subject headings. You can opt to do a direct search of businesses or browse popular keywords.

4. Anglo Info

Easy to navigate, Anglo Info lists businesses in a general directory with dozens of sub-categories. Alternatively, users can connect with businesses through upcoming events, classifieds, and how-to guides. For more specific searches, the discussions tab lists enquiries by date and category. 

5. Arabian Talks

If you’re keen on listicles, this directory enumerates other local indexes in a blog. Otherwise, its navigation is fairly basic—users can skim through businesses by category, recent listings, or featured companies. Each category lists the current number of existing businesses within a particular industry and how you can get your own listing uploaded. Businesses with the best user rankings are listed first.

6. UAE Contacts

For something a little less fussy, UAE Contacts is about as straightforward as any directory can get. It provides local listings only by category and recent uploads. Users can opt to look through an alphabetical list and refer back to companies with a listing ID. 

7. Localsearch

Users can easily and immediately connect with listings on this directory in the click of a button—one that either links out to a phone number, website, or email. Another button indicates the location of each business on a map. Each business is lumped under various categories, which makes for clicking into related categories much simpler. 

8. UAE Business Directory

For those who enjoy surfing on various devices, this directory (also known as Yello) is optimised for a number of formats and boasts a mobile app. Want to know a business is trusted? Yello frequently uploads user testimonies to relieve lingering hesitations. 

9. Dubai Chamber

Another directory with an app, you can browse listings by category on mobile, or even flip through a digital brochure on your desktop. If you prefer to connect over the phone, the Dubai Chamber also lists useful numbers for assistance. You can easily advertise your business, as its homepage features up to 10 ads at a time. 

10. Connector

True to its name, this directory connects you to businesses based on how you most prefer to search for them—whether via Green Pages, recent news, blogs, or categories. Each listing contains basic contact information, along with notes and services in a drop-down “learn more” menu. 

11. Bizness UAE

For businesses looking to provide more exclusive services, Bizness UAE allows users to restrict inquiries only to premium, more competitive entities. You can browse businesses according to your location or services you might be seeking. 

12. Get Listed UAE

Basics aside, a useful feature that this directory incorporates is its frontpage reviews of recently listed businesses. Another useful tab is its tag index, which lists popular tags and searches made by other users. 

13. Day of Dubai

A home for news, events, and articles, Day of Dubai is a directory that gives you an in-depth look of all the latest happenings. You can look through a comprehensive directory, create a forum topic, or post an event or job to seek businesses that suit your needs. 

14. Locanto UAE

A highly detailed directory, Locanto UAE is also a portal for shopping and online classes. Users can limit searches to a particular distance radius or location. For businesses to look back on, Locanto incorporates a star feature that allows users to add listings to a folder of favorites. 

15. Aiwa

The UAE’s first smart online business portal, users can search for businesses according to preferences. You can easily sort searches by relevance, upload date, video attachments, offers, and whether or not a business is listed on Green Pages. 

16. B2B Listing Directory

Beyond a simple directory, this site also offers customised advertising and digital marketing solutions to help boost your business’ visibility. Though additional services are paid, listing features are free. 

17. Yalwa

A business directory that underscores the importance of online visibility, Yalwa’s listings help expand customer bases and generate more leads. Users can leave ratings and reviews to help influence relevance and reach.

18. Marketing Agency Network

For your marketing needs, MAN is the directory to visit. An aggregator for digital services, you’ll find businesses that can boost not only your brand reach but enhance its unique identity. MAN has a list of providers spanning all areas of digital marketing including search engine marketing,  social media marketing, pay per click advertising, and many more.

19. Foursquare

Among the largest search-and-discover sites, listings on Foursquare are easy to personalise and advertise. You can browse as a marketer, developer, or simple explorer, and collaborate with other users on enquiries, jobs, and recommendations. 

20. Google My Business

There is no better platform to list your business than Google, today’s leading search engine. There are dozens of customisation options such as photo and video uploads, as well as two-way reviews. 


Regardless of whether services are free or paid, getting your business listed on an online directory is a great way to improve visibility. Never underestimate the power of potential customers!


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