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Social Media for Ecommerce in Dubai: The Complete Guide

Almost every adult has a social media profile on one or two social media platforms. Social media platforms have fast outgrown the role of just uniting people and they are now connecting brands and communities as well. Over the last decade, social media has played a huge role in people’s lives, and businesses have made a great meal out of it. Brands and companies have made social media a marketing strategy, making it easy to interact with their customers.

Social media ecommerce has revolutionized the business world as most businesses have already adopted the necessary social media ecommerce strategies. Businesses have noticed that their customers are online, are mobile and very social. Brands have noted this shift, and are using social media ecommerce strategies to reach out to their potential customers before they visit their preferred online stores.

Social ecommerce in Dubai has impacted heavily on the growth of online businesses here. This way, online shopping has evolved giving consumers more options. Further, platforms for social ecommerce in Dubai have promoted online businesses as customers often turn to them for answers about products and services. Statistics show that nine out of ten consumers visit social media platforms for help whenever they have a shopping decision to make. What’s more, more than three-quarters of shoppers bought a product because they saw it on social media.

Adopting a strategy to run social ecommerce in Dubai for brands is a no brainer for businesses today. Read on to find out why.

Reasons for Businesses to Adopt Social Ecommerce Strategies

Potential Customers Are Already Talking About Your Brand

People will discuss different brands online, whether the brand itself is on social media or not. Whenever a brand is discussed online, even without the online presence of the brand, it is still a good thing. If anything, that’s a form of advertisement as word-of-mouth remains to be the best form of advertisement. However, brands need an online presence to deal with the dark moments for their brands, such as whenever negative sentiments and complaints arise.

Social ecommerce in Dubai is well linked with brands’ websites. Remember, ecommerce is driven by traffic on a brand’s website. On its part, social media is essential in directing users to a brand’s landing pages. Whenever people talk about a brand online, they create awareness. It gets better for brands when they talk back, as it builds relationships and creates connections with consumers.

In creating these connections with their followers and potential customers on social media, brands should have the following objectives in mind:

  • The number of new social media followers they want;
  • The amount of social media traffic they wish to receive;
  • An ideal ratio of visitors to consumers;
  • A perfect ratio of audience engagement to sales.

People Want Answers to Their Questions

Consumers have continued to make use of social media in trying to reach out to brands. Social ecommerce in Dubai has also involved the extensive use of social media platforms rather than email and phone support whenever customers have an issue regarding a product or service. This shows the level of expectation these users have with social media platforms for responsiveness whenever issues arise.

Whenever complaints are ignored, most people turn to the shaming tactic where they tarnish the name of the brand online. This has been proven to have consequences, with one in three brand followers shifting to a competitor’s camp. Brands with a huge following should take the initiative of setting up a separate customer care platform to deal with any complaints and technical issues. It is essential for brands to think about the following issues when it comes to customer support:

  • The meaning of ideal response and the party involved in responding;
  • Positive mentions vs. negative mentions;
  • Mentions vs. product questions;
  • The viability of a dedicated customer support platform.

Followers Are the Most Valuable Marketing Assets

For most online users, social media is not just a source of entertainment—it’s a lifeline. It has fast turned into a place where users turn to seek opinions and research about any product. Research shows that almost 75% of shoppers turn to social media for information about any product they want to buy. Social ecommerce in Dubai has also been influenced by users’ sentiments, which play a huge role in online buying. It, therefore, goes without saying that positive talk about your product by social media users is powerful and can heavily impact your brand.

Social ecommerce in Dubai calls for well-laid strategies. Positive reviews from consumers go a long way for brands. Businesses should well capitalize on this strategy as is does most of the heavy lifting for them. With that in mind, it is not recommended for brands to reach out to their followers to solicit for positive reviews on review sites. Most online shoppers are suspicious of products with purely positive reviews.

It is therefore vital for brands to encourage their users honestly, even if it means welcoming negative reviews and constructive criticism. It does not mean that negative reviews are the end of a product or brand. Research shows that more than half of the shoppers would still buy a product with a negative review in case it was recommended by another user they know.

Brands that have made a meal out of social ecommerce in Dubai are those that have prioritized relationship building with their customers. Focusing more energy to develop and nurture links and relationships with their customers on social media have reaped the fruits through the organic growth of their businesses online and an increased awareness of their brands online. Here are some of the issues brands can think about regarding their marketing strategy:

  • Leveraging brand ambassadors and influencers;
  • Setting a target number of reviews to seek out from users actively and collect;
  • Making ratings and reviews live on your website;
  • Evaluate the benefits of instating a referral program;
  • Repurposing the testimonials of your customers into marketing assets.

Building Out Strategies for Social Ecommerce in Dubai

So many opportunities have been created out of social ecommerce in Dubai. However, it is always confusing for brands as they decide where to place their digital footprint. It would be right to say that the success of social ecommerce in Dubai depends on the social networks and apps used by consumers. In extension, the apps and social media networks used heavily depends on the specific of businesses and brands, which makes social media essential for marketers.

Social ecommerce in Dubai also requires strategies that are customized for a specific audience, rather than taking on a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important for businesses to know the areas to focus on while coming up with their business and marketing strategies for their brands. Below are areas brands should focus their efforts and resources for success:


One of the most prevalent myths in social ecommerce in Dubai is that your customers are not on social media in the first place. This might be true to some extent since there’s a segment of customers who are not always active online. However, there’s still a chance that a good portion of your customers is constantly on social media. Let’s take a look at social media users in numbers on the various networks to put social ecommerce in Dubai into perspective:

  • 1.71 billion active Facebook users per month;
  • 500 million active Instagram users per month;
  • 450 million active LinkedIn users;
  • 313 million active Twitter users per month;
  • 100 million active Pinterest users per month;
  • 150 million active Snapchat users per day.

Firms that are getting started with social ecommerce in Dubai can take courage given the above numbers. It is important for new brands to understand their target demographic and the social networks they audience use the most. Once this is known, brands can target these networks and engage their audience.

Popular Platforms for Social Ecommerce in Dubai

Every social media platform is created differently, and some are more effective for social ecommerce in Dubai than others. The same applies when it comes to driving traffic or sales and increasing a company’s ROI. For instance, Facebook is the lead platform for social ecommerce in Dubai and other parts of the world. Further, Facebook accounts for over half of all social referrals and about 64% of the total social revenue.

Even with these numbers, it does not mean that the other social media platforms are irrelevant. All it means is that you should know the strengths of the platform you intend on using for your social ecommerce in Dubai. As we’ve already noticed, Facebook has a massive audience, is an excellent source of testimonials and traffic, and is also excellent for targeted advertising. On the other hand, Twitter is great for news updates and real-time communication. It is also excellent for customer service and targeted advertising.

Pinterest is known as the best promoter of products and brands with visual appeal. It is also a great source of referral traffic and is generally good for the targeted demographic. Just as Pinterest, Instagram has a strong focus on visual products. What makes it rich with potential customers is that it is the go-to app for most millennials. Likewise, Snapchat is also widely used among teens and millennials and is fast growing into a platform for advertisement.

Trends in Social Ecommerce in Dubai

Once you’ve settled on your platforms for ecommerce in Dubai, it is important to have a plan in mind. Since every social platform comes with its unique features and benefits, it is important that you are familiar with your network before building your community. Even though social platforms change and social ecommerce in Dubai is ever-evolving, several features are trending. Here are a few:

Use of Mobile Devices for Social Ecommerce in Dubai

The wake of the smartphone greatly changed the way of life for most people, from the way they work, live, socialize, and even shop. Most social media platforms have noted this and integrated important features to make it easier for users to shop for new products. The ‘Shop Now’ button on Instagram and ‘Buyable Pins’ on Pinterest have now become available for marketers for easier reach of users who want to buy their products.

It is now presumed that smartphone revenue has overtaken desktop revenues, with the share of mobile revenue in social ecommerce in Dubai and other parts over 40% back in 2015.

Businesses in social ecommerce in Dubai are encouraged to optimize their websites, and product pages for different screen sizes since customers use different devices to access their websites and landing pages.

Carousel Ads

Social ecommerce in Dubai is not all about selling on social media platforms. Most users don’t log into their profiles to search for products to buy. Businesses must, therefore, find ways of getting users to notice their products without turning them off. Carousel ads are perfect for marketing, telling a story, and showcasing products at the same time. These ads are available for Facebook and Instagram and will soon be available for Twitter. They encapsulate multiple images into one ad, where users can swipe and get the story of several products in one ad.

Evaluate and Analyze Results

Lack of an active online presence for brands means that they are missing out on a chance to engage users, create awareness of their brand, and increase sales. Regardless of the shape of your strategy in social ecommerce in Dubai, it is important to incorporate a way of tracking your progress. After all, the only way of evaluating your adherence to your objectives and your journey to success is by tracking your progress. Luckily, there are hundreds of social media management tools that help brands measure and monitor analytics for several profiles across various social media platforms.

Social media has already become a hotbed of social ecommerce in Dubai, outgrowing its initial role of just socializing with friends. Brands have fast utilized this opportunity, making social media a major part of their marketing strategy. Due to the interaction and engagement of brands and online users, social ecommerce in Dubai has become an integral part of business today. With new features coming up by the day, social ecommerce in Dubai doesn’t seem to slow down any time soon.

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