Social Media Best Practices for Businesses in UAE

The UAE is a rather delicate market as is to be expected in the vast Muslim world. Business practices are, therefore, expected to be of utmost standards and ones that follow the rule of law and also observe the Islamic beliefs. The same is also to be observed in social media where certain practices might give your business a boost while others will automatically be lethal to the progress of your business. And it doesn’t matter whether you are an SME or an internationally recognized institution; failure to conform will be detrimental to your business health.

That’s why you’ve got us to guide you along the path of optimizing social media for your business. Having helped a number of leading companies in their digital marketing strategies with observable results, we will carefully tell you most of what you need to know in perfecting your social media use for business. Even if you are your own business and brand, we’ve got you covered. Sit tight as we take this ship to sail.

Getting Started: Creating Your Brand

A research done by Sprout Stance showed the different reasons that make people follow brands on social media. It further indicated that up to 75% of social media users have purchased something just because they saw it on social. A prudent business would take advantage of these numbers and start doing something towards that appeal. It all goes down to creating your own unique brand that puts the customer on the lead. A good number of brands are annoying on social media with too many promotional messages and they add insult to injury by not responding to follower’s messages.

The first thing you need to understand is that not everyone follows your site because they use your products. Some do so because they get quality information from your website especially on certain products or services. Others do so just because you entertain them and some because they want to commune with you. Failure to respond to customer’s messages shows how you ignore your customers, which is a major turn off for anyone. So, building your brand involves positioning yourself in the market as a business that gives top priority to customer needs, even the very annoying ones seeking to tarnish your brand name.

Consistency in Your Brand Voice

Building a brand might be the easier part for you, no matter the time it takes. Maintaining your brand voice through the ages in a way that has your impact felt even with your competitors is the trickiest part. Some brands kick off their social media marketing in a high pitch only to slacken their efforts half way and hence leave most customers dissatisfied. This is why a Contently research showed how 66% of internet users have at one time or another felt deceived by brands, even the most recognized ones.

But where exactly will you be needed to have your brand voice felt in your journey of social media for business? You need to remain consistent on social media while dealing with your replies and direct messages. A customer should feel like coming back to you even if only to seek information on a product because they felt welcomed and assisted the last time they did that. You also need to maintain consistency in your Call to Action phrases as well as how they strategically appear across the different platforms. Other than that, other areas where you need to harmonize your strategy over time include captions, visuals, hashtags, ads and promotions, and even your social media bios.

Deal With Negativity

You cannot win them all – that’s one of the most basic rules in the social media world. Some might come to your channel with a lot of frustrations after being swindled by one of your competitors. They might only be seeking to expose you, assuming you are all the same; it’s pretty hard to convince them otherwise. Nonetheless, such persons might be a source of negative publicity which will assuredly injure the development of your business. Quick and smooth action needs to be taken when doing so.

Some brands have come up with a ‘sarcastically funny’ method to respond to negative persons on social media. We can call it “quenching fire with fire” and it actually works for those who do it right. It would be inappropriate to delete negative comments and feedback since customers will view this as a sign of dishonesty and think you are trying to conceal the truth. Having said all that, it would also do you much good if you focused on not feeding the trolls. Constructive criticism might be what your business needs to move to the next level, but if someone seeks to only appear funny, then you are allowed to add a touch of humor as this also brings out your human side.

Don’t Overdo Automation

Automation services in websites and social media platforms came in the picture as the ideal saviors – not only do they offer quick responses to general questions, they also minimize the number of employees you will need for your PR services. Thus, they are beneficial to both the customers who are in a hurry and to you since they cut down on costs. For big businesses, social listening tools are usually welcomed with arms wide open.

The automation steps improve on efficiency by automatically tagging keywords then assigning specific mentions to different employees. This might appear as the easier option but you can’t leave it all to the computers. Your clients are bound to notice at one point or another which might not work very well for you. That said, you need to clearly define where automation is needed and also assign more work to human employees who will only be more than willing to carry out the extra job.

Research Competitive Analysis

It’s not only about what you can and are able to do in your specific industry; it’s also about what others are doing and how it’s working out for them. Being up to date with competitor data insights will help you in strategizing and also making smarter decisions. It doesn’t mean that you are to become a copycat but such analysis is sure to keep you one step ahead.

This Benefits Me How?

Assume your competitors have hit the market with the latest trending hashtag that has been in the social media scenes for the past week. I’m quite certain you’d want something of the sorts or even better. Well, it doesn’t end there! Competitor analysis will also enable you to know who’s speaking about you and what they are saying; enable you to get timely industry news that keeps you well ahead, and also take part in content driving engagement.

Being Picky is Wise

It’s not every industry news that should warrant your response. Similarly, not all company mentions by other brands or persons should be responded too. Doing so might have you posting the wrong information which might tantamount to bad publicity for your firm. Being compelled to jump in every time might also bring about a negative image for your business as one that lacks priorities. Sometimes, it is far much better to let other members of the community, influencers or even employees to interject before responding to something said about you. This doesn’t make you a snob; it just makes you a firm that has prioritized what’s relevant.

Engage More, Interact Often & Humanize Content

Back to using fewer robots in your marketing strategy; you also will be required to engage more in that effect. Your level of interaction in your social media channels determines the level of popularity as well as your position in your industry. Take an example of TedX Talks which have been there consistently for years providing value to listeners around the world. They don’t have to take part in marketing themselves since their interaction with the community is globally recognized.

Take part in more conversations than what’s normally expected; this also requires you to listen more and give thought and appropriate action to much of what’s said. Also, inspire your audience more as you converse and also seek to be entertaining when you can and educative when the time calls for it – be a source of resourceful information!

Be Professional At All Times

Being humorous in social media for businesses does not necessarily mean that you are unprofessional. On the contrary, it could just go to show how mature and professionally you deal with your issues. Remember that you are creating a brand and are also out there to make sales. I know a ton of people – businesses and normal people – who would not engage with a firm in business just because they lacked the seriousness that’s needed. Using slang language, for instance, could go to show how out of touch you are with your demographics. It could also pass on the message that you are more than willing to risk funny for cultural insensitivity. You don’t want to see how well that works out for you!

It’s all about more meaningful engagement in a professional way at the end of the day. If you are having struggles in realizing this, a look at what your competitors are doing could just give you a clear picture. Just remember not to overdo things while trying to create a great impression and always to appear as authentic.

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