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Do you want to increase your followers and drive engagement on your social media pages?

First, Igloo’s social media team will help you create or enhance your social media marketing strategy and identify key objectives, target market, key messages, content type, information your audience likes to consume, preferred channels, number of posts, required budgets, relevant hashtags, and so on.

Second, we start creating content and sharing it on the chosen social media channels. We basically start engaging with users that follow your pages and like your posts, as well as users that engage with your competitors.

Third, we register you to social media groups and engage by sharing content, replying to questions, etc. This results in winning new followers and users.

We ensure that these social media rules are always followed to drive great results from your social media marketing.

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Social Media Agency in Dubai

We are a leading social media agency in Dubai; we offer a spectrum of ad hoc social media strategies for any type of business. We strive to drive relevant and potential traffic that convert into customers, and thus prove our clients’ investment to be the right one. We provide our clients with:

  • Yearly, quarterly, and monthly strategies
  • Content creation and posting to relevant channels
  • Social medial platform management and account management
  • Fan base and follower management
  • Online PR and influencer management
  • Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter
  • Paid campaign management on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Growth hacking strategies and implementations
  • Social media page analysis and reporting

We cater to all businesses with an emphasis on medium-size companies, across a variety of sectors. Our clients are B2B, B2C, and e-commerce companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates in UAE.

Our social media experts have been involved in social media marketing for many years. At Igloo, we have helped many clients over the years to get a high number of followers, high engagement rate, and generate sales from their social media marketing.

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Why is social media marketing critical in today’s world?

Social Media Companies in Dubai

If you ask 10 people below 69 years of age if they use social media, most probably 9 out of 10 will say they do. That’s the reason why any business should invest in social media marketing. We at Igloo, a leading social media agency in Dubai, help many businesses like yours make the most of their social media presence. We will advise on the channels you should invest in, the type of content you need to create, and the frequency of your posts. We’ve been involved in social media since social media started, and our social media experts will be happy to share their knowledge & experience to help you market your business – to ultimately increase revenues.

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Some of Our Social Media Clients’ Testimonials

I’ve been in business for over 15 years and worked with many suppliers, partners, and agencies like Igloo.

When I first launched Pizzaly in Dubai, I worked with a marketing agency that I thought they’d take my business to high levels. After few months, I knew this isn’t going to happen, and meanwhile I learned about Igloo. I met one of Igloo’s partners that had over 7 years of experience in helping clients in the digital space, and gave me some good tips and advice on how to take my business to the next level. After few days I called him and asked him if he can take over from the other agency. Since then, we designed and developed a website with Igloo, we ran many social media campaigns and contests to interact with existing users and attract new ones, and just after a couple months, we started seeing an increase in orders and new customers. I recommend working with Igloo because they are true partners and care about their clients, not to mention their level of professionalism and customer service.

Corrado Genovese| Managing Partner

I was managing my social media for 8 years, until I finally decided that reaching out to experts was a more productive solution as these experts “Live and Breathe” their expertise to a level I could never hope to reach, given the limited time available to do so. The goal was to maximize new areas and strategies and also help me free up my time to fully commit to my own clients and other business roles. What I truly appreciate about working with Igloo is that I feel I am understood, appreciated and communicated to as more than just a client, but a partner. Communication between us is fast, to the point and efficient. I am also getting far better results than when I was managing my social media on my own. All in all, what I get out of my relationship with Igloo is what any business owner can hope for—it saves me time, stress and money. As a direct result of Igloo’s strategies, I have seen my online visibility increase over 1000% in some channels; hence, I have absolutely no hesitation in continuing to recommend Igloo’s services to people I meet.

Phil Bedford | Master Franchisee

One of Our Social Media Case Studies

Industry: Restaurant Fine-Dining

Market: UAE

We partnered with one of Dubai’s leading fine dining Lebanese restaurants with the goal to increasing their brand awareness and revenues, and maximizing their return on investment.

Within 04 months, we helped the business increase the number of Instagram followers organically from 0 to over 25,000.

What we have done to get the above results:

  • Created an hard-hitting social media strategy to attract people living in the UAE and beyond
  • Hired top photographers and videographers to create phenomenal content
  • Engaged and invited top influencers including some of the Royal Family members
  • Engaged and agreed with leading travel agencies to bring in groups of travellers to the restaurant
  • Engaged and invited the concierge members of the 5* hotels in the city to recommend the restaurants to their guests
  • Ran regular engaging campaigns and viral contests to create a grand brand awareness
  • Created a top notch SEO optimized website to reflect the brand image and create more online awareness

Some Samples of Our Social Media Work

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Abilities – Health Care

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Dahua – Technology

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Teka – Home Care

« 1 of 3 »

Corpofino – Health Care

« 2 of 3 »

Jedoudna – Food & Beverage

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LHH Gulf – Talent Management

About Igloo

Igloo started back in 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon and moved its headquarters to Dubai, UAE in 2013.

We are diverse team of digital marketing experts, creative thinkers, designers, and web developers who are passionate about growing businesses, and helping others achieve their goals.

This is our management team that’s based in Dubai and supported with others that work in different offices around the world.

Elias Saber
Elias Saber
Partner/ Strategy
Carla Castillo
Carla Castillo
Partner/ Social Media and Content
Simon Saber
Simon Saber
Partner/ Design and Technology
Bassem Saber
Bassem Saber
Partner/ Performance Marketing
Charlotte Vermeer
Charlotte Vermeer
Partner/ Commercial

At Igloo, we have years of experience in designing websites for B2B and B2C clients, from simply informative to e-commerce websites. Our UI team of experts uses tools and technologies to ensure your website follows the market’s top standards. We will ensure your website will make an impact – the right impact – so users take action and contact you.

  • Custom web design with international standards
  • Functional and cost-effective web interface for best user experience
  • Mobile optimized to fit perfectly all screen sizes
  • Highly experienced and qualified UI team
  • Transparent procedures and no hidden costs
  • Use of the world’s leading tools and technologies to ensure highest standards

From informative, services, blogging websites to shopping and e-commerce websites, we have done it all.

Our team of experts have been designing and developing websites for decades, and at Igloo we have designed & built many websites and serviced many happy clients.

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Some of Our Social Media Clients

Aster DM Healthcare
Saudi German Hospital
Chalhoub Group
Accor Hotels
Radisson Blu
Coffee Planet

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