Snap’ping to 2017

We’re slowly reaching that point in social history, where if you don’t have Snap you’re certainly missing out.

But wait, do we mean Snapchat? If you haven’t heard already, Snapchat recently changed its name to Snap. It’s a subtle yet telling move that redefines its direction and position in the social media world. Now, Snap is starting to expand its empire in even newer, bolder directions, starting with the release of its spectacles next year, which will enable users to take images and video with real-world glasses!

With every new announcement Snap is making, more excitement is building up amongst its users and potential users. Here are some 2017 predictions that will excite all you Snap enthusiasts:

    1. Augmented reality is here

Virtual reality and augmented reality (VR and AR) made substantial progress this year with the incredible success of Pokémon Go. With Snap getting involved in the wearable device industry, and with its existing tendency for augmented reality filters, the company is likely to make moves toward even more enriched augmented reality experiences. While it may roll out those experiences gradually, the rollout is almost certainly coming. Who knows, maybe we will even see a partnership with bigger tech rivals like Google or Apple to get the job done.

    1. Real experiences, real- time sharing

Their spectacles could just be the first step in a whole new world of real-time perspective sharing. Live video took off enormously this year because social media users are demanding more in-the-moment content and more vicarious experiences. With the addition of moment-sharing glasses, Snap is moving forward into a new league of vicarious experiences.

    1. Options galore

Snap already offers tons of options to its users, enabling them to post messages selectively to certain friends, set timers for their content’s expiry and even create “stories,” not forgetting the dozens of cute and goofy filters. These options may increase and diversify even further, to the point where Snap may become an app where any type of communication or message is possible. It’s this variety in user options that has helped the company get to this point, so why not go even further?

    1. User attraction

Most of Snap’s audience found the app through their friends, and while its demographics are passionate about the brand, it’s still reserved to only a small portion of the world population. In 2017, expect Snap to make a move toward greater user adoption, especially potential users in previously untapped demographics, so the app can continue to grow, unabated.

    1. Advertising friendly

It’s difficult for brands to currently to get involved with Snap since it’s such a personal and private app. There are advertising options available, but they’re expensive due to their massive reach, and there’s traditional way to earn a following the way you can with apps like Facebook or Instagram.Snap has a huge audience, and it’s only going to grow, so it’s going to find more ways for small companies and brands to get involved in the advertising circuit. Expect to see revolutionary new ways to advertise on social media.

2017 sees itself as an exciting year for Snap. As one of the fastest growing and most innovative social media companies in Dubai and world over,it’s already made meaningful strides in most of these areas. It’s only a matter of time before the app pushes the envelope even further.

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert

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