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SEO for Healthcare Business in Dubai – 6 SEO Tips

Healthcare businesses the world over, and more so in Dubai, have taken to digitizing their product and services in a bid to keep up with the ever-changing world. However, with a large number of healthcare businesses in Dubai, one will need to find a way to stay relevant and visible in the market. Visibility on the internet means being top of a search engine’s results or at least within the first page. This is where SEO for healthcare business come to play. Investing in an intelligently devised SEO healthcare business strategy is a must to stay a few steps ahead of your competitor.

Here are a few tips to maximize SEO for healthcare business:

6 Tips for Optimizing Your Search Engine for Healthcare Business

Define your SEO and Content Strategies

This should be the very first thing to be done. Adequately defined SEO for healthcare business greatly helps narrow the competition and drive the much-needed traffic to your website. Besides, high-quality content enables you to show up on the search engines.

So, how can one achieve this? By understanding the target audience. You should know everything about your customers. This is everything from the geographical area of your customers, the keywords they type to reach your site, and what appeals to them the most. Take the help of a Google keyword planner or find an agency that offers effective digital marketing strategies for your healthcare business or finds the inspiration from the best clinic in Dubai.

Dominate in Local Search

The most vital element of any SEO healthcare business is the accuracy of the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) data. It is wise to include the business description and categories to align with the terms identified in the keyword research.

As rudimentary as it sounds, making your site mobile accessible and friendly goes a long way as an SEO for healthcare business. The rule of thumb in mobile internet is that users need to access whatever information they want and access it with no more than 3 clicks. Making a site mobile accessible means calibrating it well to appear on a small phone screen and making it responsive to mobile phones. This is known as cross-device compatibility which is a salient SEO for healthcare business. Google and other major search engines have expressly stated that a responsive and user-friendly site interface is an essential strategy in terms of SEO for healthcare business.

Use of Meta Descriptions Tags, Title Tags and Properly Tagged Images

Meta descriptions are HTML tags which summarize the content of any given site. They are an essential SEO healthcare business strategy since they describe the content of the site. Search engines have a particular bias for showing meta description especially if a keyword or a searched phrase is in the meta description. They appear as descriptive paragraphs below the searched URL to give one some insight into what a site is all about. This makes powerful SEO for healthcare business stratagem.

Visual aids in the form of images are always a welcome inclusion in sites and also a useful SEO healthcare business tool. The main issue with images is tagging. Most people make the mistake of just uploading images without proper description and tagging. This description goes a long way in ensuring that the image is recognized by Google and can even appear in the Google images page – which is a pivotal SEO for healthcare business especially if the site is image based. This can be done by adding alternative attributes for every image and adding alternative texts to define the said image.

Short and Precise Headings

It cannot be stressed enough – verbose titles are a BIG NO especially when it comes to the visibility to search engines. This is an important tip for an SEO for healthcare business. Headings that are worded extravagantly – typically with more than 55 characters – tend to take a backseat when it comes to search engines. Many a time, articles on the internet are preceded by lengthy headlines which degenerate to clickbait barely two words into the heading. This is a critical SEO for healthcare business as it makes them hyper-visible in the search results.


Another useful SEO for healthcare business approach is always to ensure your site has a mechanism for receiving feedback. After all, there is no growth without reviews – enable the comments sections. A glut of comments is equivalent to a thriving online community. One can only have an online community if their content is engaging enough – in other words, people care about your content.

Feedback not only improves visibility to search engines but also give the owner of the site proper insight on how to improve upon their services. Healthcare reviews are a vital SEO healthcare business tip.

Apply Basic On-Page SEO Practices

It is possible to go into the details of SEO healthcare business techniques and forget the basic practices of on-page SEO for healthcare business. Indexing is one of them as it ensures proper classification of your content. To ensure a site is indexed correctly, you can check your robots.txt and XML sitemap and while at it remember to set the Google Search Console to check for errors. Regarding the on-page, ensure the URLs, title tags, and meta description tags are unique and keyword-specific.

Another primary on-page SEO healthcare business practice is avoiding keyword stuffing and link buying. SEO healthcare business strategies have been approached differently. While some SEO for healthcare business is done correctly, some have reduced this to stuffing an avalanche of keywords and links in an attempt to increase web visibility and traffic. This is not a proper SEO healthcare business practice as it dramatically affects the readability of the article.

You Need SEO for the Modern Market

Any modern business needs to get online as this is where the majority of their clients reside in today’s world. The means employed in SEO for healthcare business are vast and wide. With an excellent SEO healthcare business strategy, you are guaranteed healthy traffic to your site. We have covered the 6 most salient and easy to implement tips to guide you through the process.

Have we missed out on any other essential approaches to SEO for healthcare businesses? Sound off in the comment section.

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