Award-Winning SEO Agency In Dubai

Do you want your website to appear on the first page of search engines?

You need to work with an SEO agency that has proven records to delivering results. Igloo is an SEO agency in Dubai that uses white-hat SEO techniques only, unlike many of the agencies out there. So be cautious when choosing your SEO agency. SEO consists of 3 main parts; On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization, and Technical Optimization.

After understanding your business objectives, the first step of the process is performing an audit and analysis of your website and your competitors; that will help us draft a strategy and action plan for the coming months ahead to achieve your SEO goals.

Next step is to perform a keyword research and selection to be implemented on the current pages of the websites, and the new ones that we will help you to create in the form of services pages, FAQs, guide, blog, etc.

The technical work could have already started, or could start after the content strategy is completed. The technical work is another crucial part of the success of SEO and has to be taken seriously and performed at high standards.

After the Off-page strategy is completed and some of the websites are identified from where we could build backlinks, then the execution starts. We have dedicated specialized team members that solely focus on link building, and have a proven track record. Again, all links we build are genuine, and all links are shared with our clients with full transparency.

We report to you bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly depending on the package you choose. However, you will get access to a real-time report that shows you all the activities that we are performing, and the performance of your website traffic and keyword ranking.

Award-Winning SEO Agency in Dubai

Ever wanted to appear on the first page of Google? 

We can tell you how. As an SEO agency, we’ve helped dozens of clients in Dubai and beyond grow their business on search. In fact, many of them are on the first page of Google today.

We’re confident we can win at local and international SEO.  

Our work has earned us the distinction of being an award-winning SEO agency in Dubai. We have a proven track record, not only in SEO, but other areas of digital marketing as well. Some of the other things we do are website development, branding, and pay per click advertising.


Some of our SEO Case Studies

An Award-Winning SEO Agency in Dubai Approach

We take a holistic approach to SEO.

Working with Igloo allows you to cover all components of SEO, whether it’s technical optimization, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

When you choose Igloo as your SEO agency in Dubai, we start by understanding your business goals and aligning our strategy in order to fit those goals. From there we can identify challenges, perform a thorough analysis of your website, and gather data on your competitors.

Once we’ve set everything up, we get back to what we do best—executing.
We’ve worked on hundreds of successful SEO projects for B2B and B2C companies in Dubai and other major cities. These projects have helped our clients grow their audience and convert more leads through organic search.

Still unsure about choosing the right SEO company?

We’ve created a guide below so that you can understand what separates a good SEO agency from a bad one.

Check if they're on the first page of Google

An SEO agency should practice what they preach. If they aren’t ranking on Google themselves, then they probably will have a hard time getting anyone else ranked.

Read online reviews

See what others are saying about the SEO company on Google, Facebook, YouTube, listing sites, and forums. If they’re saying good things about the agency, great. If not, take it as a warning.

Check them out on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn profile has a lot of information about an agency, including its corporate profile, office address, workforce size, and employees.

It doesn’t take much work so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Visit them in person

One common mistake marketers make is hiring an SEO agency after meeting a salesperson or staff member. If you want to understand how an SEO agency works, it’s best to visit their office.

Look at their workplace—Is it organized? How’s the vibe? Do people look professional?

See their work

The best way to determine an SEO agency’s ability is to see their work. Ask to see some of the projects they’ve worked on—and make sure they show you live work, not sent reports.

Also take note of how many projects they’re working on. Twenty is a good number. Any less and you might be dealing with a beginner agency.

Meet the team assigned to you

Aside from knowing the agency, you need to know who will work on your account: Is the team competent? Do they know enough about SEO? Have they handled projects like yours before?

Look at resumes and qualifications

When you meet the team assigned to you, ask for their resumes or CVs. These will tell you if they have enough experience and whether they meet the necessary qualifications.

Look for certificates and degrees from reputable providers. For example, Google provides a lot of courses about SEO on Coursera, and SEO software providers like Moz and SEMRush each have their own SEO Academy.

Meet the CEO

Meeting the CEO will tell you a lot about the values and direction of the company. Ask questions to see if you’re aligned: Do you share the same values? Are they excited about your company? How do they handle crises and complications?

Knowing these things will help you determine whether the SEO company is a good fit for you.

Get their thoughts on black hat SEO

Some SEO agencies promise quick results by using unethical SEO tactics. These tactics are called “black hat SEO”. Examples of black hat SEO are keyword stuffing or spamming a website with keywords, link farming or creating a network of websites that hyperlink to each other (a link farm), and many more.

Black hat SEO can land you on top of search results quickly, but they can also get you banned if you’re caught. Google has gotten much smarter over the years so there’s a very good chance black hat SEO techniques will get you caught and kicked off search results.

Make sure the agency you work with DOES NOT use black hat techniques. If they do, avoid them at all costs.

Speak with their clients

Ask to speak with the agency’s clients. Clients are always a good source of feedback, especially when it comes to performance, relationship management, and work quality.

Start with a small project first before going all in

Hiring SEO services can represent a big investment, so it’s best to take a calculated risk. Before committing to an agency, put them on a small project and see how they perform. If they perform well, then you can put them on a more important project. If not, then at least you didn’t lose too much time and money.

Hiring an SEO company in Dubai

It’s important to work with an SEO agency that has a proven track record in your market. For brands that are based in Dubai, it’s best to work with an SEO agency that has delivered results in Dubai—this is very important, especially if you are a local business.

Igloo has a proven track record running hundreds of successful SEO campaigns in Dubai and other major cities around the world. We’ve worked with countless brands and businesses in the region to achieve quantifiable, real-world results.

We report to our clients bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly depending on the package chosen, and our client’s needs. Our clients get access as well to a real-time report that shows all the activities that we are performing, and the performance of the website traffic and keyword ranking.

Still unsure which SEO agency to hire? Book a free consultation call and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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Some of our clients

Hello, How can we help you

Both are good. SEO, in general, gives a business more credibility, hence the leads are generally more qualified, and the clicks are free. The downside is that it takes longer to rank for many keywords and for a large business, sometimes impossible to rank for all keywords. While PPC, if done correctly, a business can potentially rank for any keywords; the downside is that it is costly as a business pays for every click, and the leads from PPC are generally not as qualified as SEO.

It depends on the competitiveness of the business, how good the website is, the Domain Authority of the business, and the package chosen; these are the main factors. Having said that, it could take few days to rank for some keywords, and months to rank for others.

Yes, we do. When SEO is done right, then an agency should be able to guarantee results.

We have designed packages to fit the size of any business, and whether competing in one or more markets. The packages vary between industries very niche like a food consultant to a hotel chain, from a wood manufacturer to an airline.

Yes, you can. We work with our clients to help them rank on relevant keywords. We also advise them based on keyword research we perform at the beginning of the project, so we work on ranking keywords that have a high search volume.

Some of the tools we use are ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz and UberSuggest. These tools are used to do keyword research, get alerted for new trending keywords, monitor referring domains and backlinks, track the performance and activities of our clients’ competitors, and more.

Our team is based in Dubai, France, UK, US, Serbia, and Poland.

On-page optimization is the process of optimizing the content on the website pages to improve SEO results. That is the text on the pages, the URL structure, internal linking, and tags.

Yes, we could if the client wishes us to do so. We don’t include content writing (other than article writing) in our packages but we could assist the client to improve the results.

We have worked and continue to work with many industries including E-Commerce/ Real Estate/ Automotive/ Healthcare/ Education/ Law/ Finance/ FMGC.

Yes, we do. The client also gets a real-time report that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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