How to Prepare Your SEO Strategy for Voice Search

Technology is slowly changing, and the world with it. The digital forms of marketing we know and are accustomed to as of now may be a thing of the past some two decades to come. This might be scary to a lot of people since man has never been accustomed to change. Nonetheless, as the adage goes, a change is as good as a rest if not better. The manner in which technology is revolving is only meant to make it easier for the everyday consumer and its users.

Revolving Technology in SEO Marketing

A good number of websites have upped their SEO marketing game by creating content that drives consumers and converts ROI. That notwithstanding, a greater number are still lacking in their optimization techniques after the introduction of Siri, Amazon Alexa, Cortana and the likes. Structuring content to match voice searches has proven to be a hard nut to crack for some businesses. It’s so much easier to come up with articles and content using keywords that people type; it’s another story coming up with content that matches up to SEO voice searches. The latter calls for further digging and a road trip to discover human nature – how man converses on a daily basis and reasons.

How is This Possible?

Consider you’re on vacation as you enjoy the festivities of the end of year celebrations. You’ve gone to hang out with a bunch of friends you’ve just made and the destination is The Serengeti. Some wildlife would surely go a long way to cool your nerves as you make good memories and reconnect with Mother Nature. Evening comes and you are about to part ways, but you still feel a ton of energy lingering in your veins. Just before you part ways, you get your phone out and realizing your hands aren’t clean enough, you decide to do an SEO voice search on the classiest club in town.

Well, as you’re doing that SEO voice search, I don’t suppose you’ll just voice in the word “clubs” and you’re off with it! That statement would be something like – the highest-rated clubs near me – or something of the sorts. This is the manner in which the normal person interacts. In other words, the very first step to work on your SEO voice search strategy is to steer clear off the robotic thoughts and start reasoning as the average human would.

Diving into SEO Voice Search

Did you know that according to Google, a fifth of the searches carried out on a mobile device are through voice searches? Now that you know this, imagine the endless possibilities you can make by focusing your website marketing through upgraded SEO voice search! We cannot begin to forecast the exponential potential in this area even in the coming years. Now that you have a rough idea of the picture I’m trying to paint, we can set the ball rolling and take this ship to sea as we have a look on how you are going to transform your marketing campaign by having stupendous wins with your SEO voice searches.

You’ll Definitely Have Longer Titles

There is a huge difference between our typed online searches and the commands we’d give through voice searches. We’ve already seen that a voice search is basically a human conversation with Google or whatever virtual assistant you’re using. Therefore, you should consider having longer and targeted descriptions that will pop up first whenever someone does a search. In as much as this calls for research on what people actually search for as related to your product, it also calls for inept wisdom as you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Your best weapon here is long tail keywords that will automatically show during SEO voice search.

Ranking on Featured Snippets is a Sure Win

In its simplest definition, a featured snippet is a summarized answer to a user’s question which appears on top of Google’s search results. The key to appearing here is to structure your content in a strong manner where you’ve answered most of your clients’ questions if not all. This will require you to distribute the long tail keywords evenly and purposefully throughout your article from the start to the URLs and even in the titles and you can almost rest easy with your SEO voice search approach.

Focus More on Local

You might be a big or small business but you want to place the higher percentage of your focus on local searches. Research indicates that 89% of smartphone users will carry out a search for local business at least once a week and 50% of the local searches actually leading to a store visit. This is good news for you since you’ve got us to help you maximize your local SEO voice search game plan. If you’re keen during your online searches, you might have come across the phrase “near me”. Whether you’re in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or even Ajman, you can structure your content to fit your location and Google will do the wonderful task of leading the customers to your doorstep.

Be Creative & Well Ahead Of Your Game

There is so much you can do to perfect your SEO voice search scheme. With Google making tremendous efforts to improve on their accuracy of voice searches, you have to play your role and ensure your SEO voice search is on top of the crème. This is what will set you apart from your competition. You can make use of a schema markup as a means of informing search engines what you’re all about. Also, you can come up with a Google my business account to make sure Google certifies you and easily directs SEO voice searches your way.


The Time to Act is NOW!

As already said when we were starting out, the times are changing and we’ve got to change with them. Once we’ve slackened our efforts in SEO voice search, we might be left behind as other trends pop up. Igloo would best advice you to take action now or risk losing it out to your competitors who decide to best their SEO voice search game. The time is now, the market is there for the taking – grab it or someone else will!


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