Leveraging Google Ads is the most effective way to drive qualified pay-per-click results and maximize returns.

PPC campaigns can drastically increase website traffic and yield an impressive ROI when adequately deployed. At Igloo, we focus on developing Google Ads to deliver immediate results, target customers in real-time, and improve brand recognition for your UAE business.

Why Should You Invest in PPC and Google Ads?

PPC marketing provides excellent access to website traffic and potential revenue. Its positive impact on Dubai & Miami brands and business is undeniable and provides the following powerful advantages.

Immediate Results

Effective marketing is timely. Unlike organic search strategies and content creation, PPC advertising promises immediate results. When online users search for local businesses, your business can tap into a reserve of potential traffic.

PPC can help drive the appropriate customers to your website as a short-term solution.

Trackable and Measurable Analytics

Thanks to analytics displaying high-level performance details, Google Ads results are easy to track. You can get a clear overview of metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions to get a real-time look at how your campaigns are performing.

Increased Website Traffic

While paid ads don’t directly impact your search engine ranking, they can drive significant traffic to your website. Over time, these quick results can increase user activity on your website and garner attention from new audience segments.

Enhanced Brand Awareness and Recognition

Brand recognition plays an imperative role in revenue success. While social media recognition can direct high-volume traffic to your website, showing up on search engines can deliver even more effective results. In fact, consistently representing your brand can increase your revenue significantly.

Impressive Targeting Options

Taking a multi-layered approach to your Google Ads campaign can improve brand exposure and strengthen your targeting options. Take advantage of the full scope of your PPC campaign by retargeting missed opportunities, using high-volume keywords, and focusing on specific audience demographics.

Testing segmented audiences can help you identify the most high-converting customers and tap into those who haven’t yet had exposure to your brand.

Compatibility with Other Marketing Channels

Nowadays, content marketing is the primary driving force of most businesses. If your original content isn’t garnering the traffic you want, Google Ads can drive visitors to your website and deliver the recognition your Dubai or Miami brand deserves.

In addition, PPC campaigns also work hand-in-hand with SEO, as they tap into identical audiences that originate from the same places. You can align your efforts keyword-by-keyword by paying close attention to impressions, clicks, and conversions from your Google Ads.

Finally, Google Ads provides an excellent avenue for remarketing to site visitors by engaging them based on specific rules and audiences.

Accelerate Business Growth Through PPC and Google Ads

With years of experience as a leading pay-per-click and digital marketing agency, our agency has the in-house knowledge to guarantee high-converting campaigns. With our full suite of marketing services, you have access to everything you need under a single roof.

If you’re experimenting with Google Ads for the first time or at a loss for how to improve your existing campaigns, we at Igloo have the tools to help. Book a consultation with one of our specialists today and get your paid search management campaign rolling.


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Our PPC Services

Successful PPC campaigns require strict management and analysis. Consider our PPC services if you lack the resources to ensure that your Google Ads deliver the results you’re looking for.

Competitor Analysis

To create a high-performing PPC campaign, you’ll have to gain insight into how your competitors are currently performing on search engines. Our experts perform comprehensive SWOT analyses to identify high-bidding keywords and determine methods to place you ahead of competitors.

We spend ample time dissecting competitor strategies and presenting probable solutions through detailed reports.

Keyword Research

The key to a high-performing paid ad campaign is extensive keyword research. We identify keywords that are performing well and use them to increase clicks. We combine these specified keywords with your ad copy to return optimum conversions.

Optimization and Implementation

If you’re looking for an entirely new setup or if your existing Google Ads campaign could use a fine-tune, we ensure that your efforts are wholly optimized.

First, we develop ad groups and determine geographic targeting factors. From here, we can narrow our keyword research based on group demographics and decide on your initial bidding strategy.

On top of standard keyword research, we collect negative keywords to keep unqualified leads from entering your sales funnel.

Before launching your initial campaign, we test your conversion goals and monitor average positions to ensure quality. We then integrate Google Analytics to align ad copy and review existing landing pages.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We don’t just research keywords and competitors before launching a campaign—we repeat the process throughout to ensure your efforts result in high conversions.

We also adjust our interest-based targeting efforts, ad copy, and tracking methods if necessary. Our go-to strategy for tracking ad performance is through A/B testing. We evaluate copy and landing page variations, tweaking them to suit optimal configurations.

Campaign Management

Once we launch your campaign, we will keep an active eye on its progress over time. We’ll adjust bids to ensure optimal performance and high ROI if necessary. Once we evaluate ad performance and assess conversion rates, we allocate bids to your highest-proven rates.

Each month, our agency prepares a summary of campaign activity and use these results to provide recommendations for future campaigns.

We work hand-in-hand with your marketing team to tweak and improve ongoing campaigns and develop new ones.


As the world’s leading talent development and transition company we at LHH|Gulf believe in working in collaboration, and building strong working relationships with our partners. We appreciate Igloo for their technical skill and support as well as their flexibility and commitment to getting to know our business. We have been encouraged to raise questions and through discussion Igloo have identified solutions to our needs. Igloos’ flexible and personable approach has supported us move forward and set measurable targets to monitor our progress. We are looking forward to continuing to work together and would recommend Igloo’s services to any business considering any of their services.

Karen Oliver | Managing Director

We were seeking a professional experienced Dubai based web developer that could re-design our website using a WordPress template. Igloo was recommended to us, and they did not disappoint. As leader in interior fit out solutions we needed a new website that showcased our interior projects, communicated our services and sustainability values – without compromising on the design and user experience. During development Igloo were very responsive to design suggestions and helped advise us on best options for enhancing the user experience. We are delighted with our new website and have already recommended their services.

Sally Jones | Marketing Manager

I work in a company involved in the Medical industry. We initially reached out to Igloo for a few specific services, yet over time we have asked them to take on more and more, as we were clearly impressed by what they had to offer!
Not only has Igloo been extremely professional, they have also gone above and beyond what we initially expected from them, making an extra effort to cater to our individual needs.
I love the personal attention that Igloo gives to its clients, and am really happy with their services- hope that they can keep it up!

Shehzeen Ahmad | Manager

Based on my experience, Igloo is one of the best website designers and developers in the industry thanks to their professional team and top-notch service. The staff in Igloo has an in-depth knowledge of the services they provide, and they are able to demonstrate it by delivering outstanding results.I was impressed by their creativity and attention to detail every step of the way. They make sure they understand their clients’ needs, which is why I highly recommend Igloo to any business who needs a website.

Aksana Bazhdugova | General Manager

As leader in our industry, communication, marketing and branding are important part of our day-to-day business. Brand awareness and positioning are of strategic importance and this is best left to experts.The Igloo team have assisted us with our social media activities, marketing and website solutions so far as well as working on special projects.

Romain Liot | Managing Director
High-Tech Marketing

Working with the latest technology we design.

Considered Design

We respond directly to a project’s objectives.

Creative Collaboration

We love working with people who embrace the design.

Impeccable Service

Great service is achieved through professionalism.

Understand situation

Working with the latest technology we design.


What is better PPC or SEO?

Both are important. PPC, like Google Ads and Social Media Ads help a business generate traffic immediately and at scale. SEO creates more credibility as users generally trust brands that rank high on search engines organically. The downside of SEO that it takes a long time, and in any time can lose traffic due to competitors winning rankings.

Where is your PPC Team based?

Our PPC team is based in the UAE and other countries around the world to serve our global clients.

Does your team create the ads and content?

That depends on the client’s needs. In short, yes we do; we have a team of creative writers, designers, and videographers to assist you with your needs.

What industries do you work with?

We work with all industries in both B2B and B2C businesses. We have serviced over 150 clients to date with their PPC needs.

Do you sell Google and Social Media Ads Packages?

We tailor-make packages for our clients as every business has different needs.

Can I choose keywords for my Google Search Ads Campaigns?

Yes of course. In general, our Google Experts make a detailed keyword research which is shared with you for feedback and approval before launching the campaigns.


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