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PPC or Paid Search is crucial for generating immediate traffic to your website from important keywords. If done right, PPC gives you the ability to control the message on the search engine results page

We look at your targeted customer segments and understand the factors that drives them to convert. Then we deliver ads that are targeted based upon the type of user that is doing the search. We customize our campaigns based upon the user’s location, device, and search path.

You need to work with an agency that is well experienced in PPC management and is able to drive bottom line performance.

Whether you are looking to do search ads, display ads, or social media ads, the experienced team at Igloo can work with you to help you generate more leads for your business and grow your sales.

For over a decade, our experts have been helping companies like yours grow their revenues through tactical PPC campaigns.

What is PPC or Google AdWords?

PPC is shorthand for pay-per-click advertising. It’s a model of internet marketing that bills advertisers each time a user clicks on their ads. Essentially, it’s a way of “buying a visit” to your website.

PPC takes many forms

The first and most popular is a search result, more often than not a Google AdWord.

You can tell AdWords by the “Ad” sign on the upper left of the search result. These usually appear at the very top of the search results page.

This is the opposite of organic (read: non-paid) searches without the “Ad” sign.

The second is Google Display Network or GDN. A GDN PPC Ad takes the form of a banner that appears on third-party websites.

The third is App Install, which takes the form of banner ads that appear on mobile app stores such as Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Some of our PPC Case Studies

Getting started with a PPC Management Agency

Below we outline some important points when selecting a PPC Management Agency.

At Igloo, the client’s needs always come first. When you meet us for the first time, we begin with a session to identify your needs—and whether we’re the right agency for you. It’s important to us to partner with clients we can genuinely help.

How to choose a PPC Management Agency in Dubai

At the very least, you should choose a PPC Management Agency with a proven track record in Dubai, that has Google-certified experts and significant years of experience managing PPC/Google Ads.

Here's how to narrow down your search in 8 easy steps:


Before you speak to an agency, look them up online. Check them out on Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, listing sites, and forums. This step will narrow down your search. Bad reviews or no reviews should be a major red flag.

If you have common connections on LinkedIn, ask them what they think of the agency. Personal references will help you a lot in this stage.


Many marketers make the mistake of hiring a PPC Management Website Design Company in Dubai based on a referral or meeting with its sales reps. Of course, those things are important, but the best way to feel out a PPC Management Agency is to actually see it in person.

Is their office real? Do their operations look legitimate? What is their culture like?

A site visit will reveal a lot of things—including whether the PPC Management Agency is a good fit for your brand or not.


When you visit the PPC Management Agency in person, let them show you real-time campaigns they run for other clients. Look out for keyword quality scores, click-through-rate, bounce rate, ad variety, mobile responsiveness, and other metrics.

Ask to see at least 10 projects. If they have less than 10, it could mean that they’re beginners in PPC and Google AdWords.


You can tell a lot from a company’s leadership. Before engaging a PPC Management Agency, ask to meet its CEO or President. A chat with the agency’s top official will help you understand its philosophy, culture, strategies, and ethics.


A CEO will tell you about a company’s overall direction and strategy, but the people working on your campaign will give you an idea about execution.

You’ll want to make sure you have competent people on your side. Are they new to PPC? Do they have the right credentials? Are they Google AdWords certified? Have they done successful campaigns? Are they familiar with PPC in your industry?


Two things you need to see before choosing a PPC Management Agency: their trade license and audited financial statement.

All businesses based in Dubai (or anywhere in the UAE) must have a trade license. If they can’t show you one, then they probably shouldn’t be operating.

An audited financial statement will give you an idea on a company’s financial health. You’ll want to make sure that the agency you’re working with is financially stable. Otherwise, you might run into money-related problems in the future.


After meeting with the PPC Management Agency, request to speak to their clients. Getting their clients’ feedback will give you a more balanced view.

Ask what it’s like working with the agency—Is their work up to standard? Are they consistent? Is communication smooth? Do they deliver on time?

Talking to a client will give you a very clear picture of what it’s like to work with that agency. It’s always best to know what you’re getting into before you actually get into it.


Get your feet wet before diving in. Before taking on a major job with a PPC Marketing Agency, see how they perform on a small project. Doing this allows you to get started without having to commit right away.

If they do well, you can continue giving them more projects. If they don’t, you can at least walk away without getting burned too much.

Our PPC and Google AdWords Strategy

Your Digital Marketing Agency should have the answer!

When you work with Igloo as your PPC Management Agency, we translate your business goals into well-defined PPC strategies. We do this through thorough keyword research, landing page and website audits, competitor research, and a comprehensive PPC plan.

Once we formulate a plan, we start by running a test campaign. This will help us calibrate and optimize your ads for best results. Our goal is to help increase your brand awareness and improve your bottom line.

Want to learn more about PPC and Google AdWords? Book a free consultation call below.


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Some of our clients


Both are important. PPC, like Google Ads and Social Media Ads help a business generate traffic immediately and at scale. SEO creates more credibility as users generally trust brands that rank high on search engines organically. The downside of SEO that it takes a long time, and in any time can lose traffic due to competitors winning rankings.

Our PPC team is based in the UAE and other countries around the world to serve our global clients.

That depends on the client’s needs. In short, yes we do; we have a team of creative writers, designers, and videographers to assist you with your needs.

We work with all industries in both B2B and B2C businesses. We have serviced over 150 clients to date with their PPC needs.

We tailor-make packages for our clients as every business has different needs.

Yes of course. In general, our Google Experts make a detailed keyword research which is shared with you for feedback and approval before launching the campaigns.

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