Photography and Videography

Photography and Videography Services

Nowadays, one of the most authentic and efficient ways for a brand to build trust is through photography and videography. Because most consumers are visual learners, appealing to this sense can do wonders for your sales and following.

If you’re looking for the most innovative way to tell your story, our photographers and videographers are fully equipped to handle all types of applications. Book a consultation today to find out how we can make your brand shine through visual storytelling.

Become a Visual Storyteller

Nobody wants to read a boring wall of text. In fact, most people only retain 10% of the information they receive through text, whereas incorporating visuals can improve retention by up to 65%. On top of that, an article with images will garner up to 94% more views than one without them.

So if you’re looking to publish a successful marketing campaign, these statistics should remind you why photography and videography are the best tools for engaging your audience.


The Impact of Photo and Video in Business

At Igloo, we are big believers in the saying, “a picture paints a thousand words.” Photography and videography are an integral part of any business's marketing strategy, so if you aren’t yet taking advantage of these mediums, here are a few reasons why you should.

Enhancing SEO

Well-produced, original photos and videos can enhance your user experience and keep visitors on your site for longer, which can drastically improve your search engine rankings. When we produce photos and videos for your website, we incorporate eye-catching elements that make customers want to know your brand—the longer they linger, the better.

Powerful Social Media Impact

Since the rise of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories, many businesses have been taking to social media platforms to show off their products and services—you don’t want to be one of the only ones left behind. By placing your products in front of billions of active social media users, you can quickly become a fan favorite on the biggest social media platforms.

Capturing Consumer Interest

To create content that grabs and retains customer attention, you need high-quality visual materials. We can help you make the impact you desire with photos and videos that speak volumes about your product.

Increasing ROI

Want to double your click-through rates? Photo and video content can help you achieve that! While photography and videography can make for a sizable investment, we assure you it’ll pay off in your increased ROI.

Bring Your Creative Vision to Life

Learning the ropes can be challenging for marketers without experience in photo and video content. Fortunately, our experts at Igloo know all the ropes and have the knowledge and expertise to translate your vision into a stunning visual campaign. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tell your story.


Our Photography and Videography Services

To help our valued clients rise to the top, we provide the following photography and videography services.

Product Photography & Videography

When advertising your product, how you present it can make all the difference. We provide professional product photography services to shine the best possible light on what you sell. Our team has experience photographing products from various industries with the best studio equipment.


Are you ready to start closing more deals? Through our sales and marketing-centric photo and video efforts, we can produce versatile content that pushes new leads into your sales funnel. We also take extra care to train your marketers to sell using newly developed materials.

Social Media Photography

If your creative team struggles with a lack of recent, high-quality photographed content and is often forced to resort to using stock photos and videos to create content, our photography and videography services will empower them with the materials they need to produce their best work.


It’s no surprise that more brands are investing in creating specialized content for video platforms such as Facebook & Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts; these platforms have transitioned to vertical videos as the main incentivized content format, and your business would be wise to use it!


As the world’s leading talent development and transition company we at LHH|Gulf believe in working in collaboration, and building strong working relationships with our partners. We appreciate Igloo for their technical skill and support as well as their flexibility and commitment to getting to know our business. We have been encouraged to raise questions and through discussion Igloo have identified solutions to our needs. Igloos’ flexible and personable approach has supported us move forward and set measurable targets to monitor our progress. We are looking forward to continuing to work together and would recommend Igloo’s services to any business considering any of their services.

Karen Oliver | Managing Director

We were seeking a professional experienced Dubai based web developer that could re-design our website using a WordPress template. Igloo was recommended to us, and they did not disappoint. As leader in interior fit out solutions we needed a new website that showcased our interior projects, communicated our services and sustainability values – without compromising on the design and user experience. During development Igloo were very responsive to design suggestions and helped advise us on best options for enhancing the user experience. We are delighted with our new website and have already recommended their services.

Sally Jones | Marketing Manager

I work in a company involved in the Medical industry. We initially reached out to Igloo for a few specific services, yet over time we have asked them to take on more and more, as we were clearly impressed by what they had to offer!
Not only has Igloo been extremely professional, they have also gone above and beyond what we initially expected from them, making an extra effort to cater to our individual needs.
I love the personal attention that Igloo gives to its clients, and am really happy with their services- hope that they can keep it up!

Shehzeen Ahmad | Manager

Based on my experience, Igloo is one of the best website designers and developers in the industry thanks to their professional team and top-notch service. The staff in Igloo has an in-depth knowledge of the services they provide, and they are able to demonstrate it by delivering outstanding results.I was impressed by their creativity and attention to detail every step of the way. They make sure they understand their clients’ needs, which is why I highly recommend Igloo to any business who needs a website.

Aksana Bazhdugova | General Manager

As leader in our industry, communication, marketing and branding are important part of our day-to-day business. Brand awareness and positioning are of strategic importance and this is best left to experts.The Igloo team have assisted us with our social media activities, marketing and website solutions so far as well as working on special projects.

Romain Liot | Managing Director
High-Tech Marketing

Working with the latest technology we design.

Considered Design

We respond directly to a project’s objectives.

Creative Collaboration

We love working with people who embrace the design.

Impeccable Service

Great service is achieved through professionalism.

Understand situation

Working with the latest technology we design.


Do you guarantee results?

Yes, we do. When digital marketing is done right, then an agency should be able to guarantee results.

What industries do you work with?

We work with various industries including FMCG, E-Commerce, Real Estate, Automotive, Healthcare, Education, Law, Finance, and more.

Do you share monthly reports?

Yes, we do. We also share a real-time report that our clients can access 24/7 through a link.

Which digital marketing channels we should invest in?

The answer varies from business to business, it’s better for some businesses to focus on push marketing like Social Media & Display Ads, and some on Search Ads and SEO.

Where is your digital marketing team based?

Our team is based in Dubai, France, UK, US, Serbia, Poland, India, and Lebanon.

What is better SEO or Google Ads?

Both are good. It depends if you are looking for quick results or long-term. Google Ads can go live immediately and started generating sales, while SEO takes months to start generating you a good amount of traffic and sales. SEO traffic quality is usually more qualified as the users that know the difference normally don’t trust ads.


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