How to Optimize Conversion Rates For Better PPC

If you have a website, you may have heard the term conversion rate optimization or CRO floating around a lot. That’s because it makes for a very important part of digital marketing.

So what exactly is conversion rate optimization?

CRO enables you to optimize your landing page, website design and paid search ads to boost your website’s conversion rate. CRO brings in benefits that can really impact your business in Dubai in a positive way. These benefits include:

    • It helps maximize the number of visitors to your site who may respond to your call to action
    • It raises your profits without forcing you to increase your spend on advertising
    • It boosts your business’s visibility online

Thus, any business with a web presence needs to be familiar with how to harness conversion optimization. The goal is to maximize the value obtained from each and every visitor, whether by converting him into a paying customer or securing a high-quality lead. Below we look at how you can do just that.

Use the right keywords

The key is to create PPC ads that respond directly to keyword searches so you can reach your intended audience more meaningfully. Long-tail or mid-tail keywords must be included in your ads to target searchers and drive home conversions. But why are keywords so important?

    • Because having lots of visitors is meaningless if they aren’t converting
    • Because you can boost the quality of your web traffic through finding the right keywords
    • Because data on keyword traffic helps you make the right decisions about your ad copy so you can better target the correct customer base

Understand keyword grouping

Another crucial aspect of keywords is learning to manage and group keywords. This can have a huge impact on your SEO, PPC and CRO in Dubai. Strong grouping of keywords enables you to create better-targeted and more effective PPC ads. It also ensures your website will be better organized and structured, and it strengthens your content and makes it more relevant.

Create quality landing pages

It is important to ensure that your landing page delivers exactly what your ad promises else your visitors will leave. Make it easy for visitors to complete your call to action, whether it’s signing up for a service or making a purchase.

The quality and relevance of your landing page has a huge influence on the success of your CRO efforts. A high quality web page can do a lot to attract a prospective client who’s wandered in as a result of a particular search. Here are some best practices to follow for an optimized landing page:

  • Catchy headlineYour headline is the hook as it is the first thing a visitor will see. So write headlines that are catchy and compelling while perfectly reflecting with your PPC keywords. A good headline has the power to attract and retain prospective clients to the point where they complete your desired call to action.
  • Targeted copyThe content on your website has to not only communicate what your business offers, but also resonate directly with keywords in the appropriate ad group. Bullet points make copy more attractive to readers and also help them see what you offer at a glance.
  • Attention-grabbing CTAsDon’t expect your visitors to spend time finding your CTA. Make sure your call to action is obvious enough to find and is appropriate and attention-grabbing.
  • User-friendly lead forms If you’re using lead forms, make sure they are super easy to fill out. Include all fields that can add value to your business, and leave out unnecessary information that will overwhelm visitors.
  • Attractive website designThe truth of the matter is, if your website looks bad you will lose visitors. It’s advised that your site should have a clean landing page that displays the essence of your brand and an overall design that is not only elegant but also offers users a seamless interface.
  • Test the design Remember that just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s welcoming the right users. Make sure that testing is done to ensure your website layout and colours are attracting the right group of users and converting them into leads or customers.
By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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