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A “Near Me” future paves way to a brave new world

The hottest marketing trend everyone’s been talking about these days is location-based marketing. As brands continue to invest in mobile, Google has made significant moves to pave way to the future of mobile location marketing.

The idea is based on the frequent “near me” searches that consumers are making to find services or events that are easily accessible and available in close proximity. In April last year, Google claimed that “near me” searches had increased 34 times since 2011 and that 80 percent of those searches were occurring on mobile devices. With this is mind, Google is now autocompleting “near me” searches for both mobile and desktop users, which accelerates the customer journey at a local level.

Micro-moments, a fresh term that Google has created, are those moments that occur when people start looking for things to do, places to go and things to buy, by doing a search on their smartphones. As it has been observed lately, consumers are looking for answers near them. For example- “Bridget Jones movie times near me”.  What Google is anticipating is that when users enter searches for a product, service or brand, chances are that they intend to find something near their location, regardless of platform. 

Apart from the “near me” autocompletion, Google has also been taking other steps towards a mobile friendly future. What came to be known as the Mobilegeddon, was a day Google dropped the Mobile-Friendly algorithm update which nudged location marketing toward a future where we’d been heading. Mobileggedon expanded Google’s use of mobile-friendliness, which simply meant that businesses with more mobile-friendly sites would rank higher in search results.

A short period after launching Mobilegeddon, Google dialled up the importance of location data management with the launch of Google My Business API to create and edit locations in Google My Business. 

The API automates the management of location data ranging from store hours to name and address, making it easier for businesses to manage their location data across the search landscape.

With the rollout of the Google My Business API tool, Google is telling us that managing location data is critical for businesses to be visible when people conduct “near me” searches.

The key takeaway from all this is that if you are not optimizing your contextual content and location data for mobile search, you are living in an unpleasant past.

So as the experts say-don’t wait for the future, it’s already here!

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By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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