Missed Opportunities? Gmail Ads for beginners

What are Gmail Ads, and are they worth integrating into your online marketing strategies?
There are millions of Gmail users worldwide, and Google is here offering you an opportunity to target them. Why haven’t you tried this out yet? No time for regrets. Let’s get started.
Here are the top advantages why you need to consider at least testing Gmail Ads in your marketing mix.

    1. Gmail is global and mobile-friendly

Globally there will be over 1 billion Gmail Inbox users today. Thus there is a high probability that your customers or potential clients are active on Gmail right now. We are already aware that it is the mobile era and Gmail is mobile friendly.

    1. Increased exposure to a targeted audience

Gmail Ads offers a significant boost in branding. Just viewing your collapsed ad leads to exposing your brand name to a broad but well-targeted audience. The targeted users will receive the “collapsed ad” in their inbox. When they click on it, the “expanded ad” will load. If users are intrigued by what they see there, they can click on the ad and visit your website.
Thus Gmail Ads are known to generate very qualitative clicks. As it includes a 2-steps process (first click on the collapsed ad and then on the expanded ad), people visiting your website from a Gmail Ads campaign tend to show a more keen user-behavior so such ads could generate more leads.

    1. Take advantage of multiple Ad designing tools

Gmail ads are not only about the single ad image. Depending on your marketing objectives you can choose from a variety of methods – standard image ad, single promotion template, multi-product template or catalog template (idea for Retail or automotive). And if you don’t like any of these options, you can still opt for the custom HTML option.

    1. Targeting features

Google Adwords allows you to ensure that your Gmail Ads appear to the most potential users, with its multiple display network settings. You can select target users based on their probable Interests and demographics. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find and expose users who are already looking for your product line with exactly what they need to see? You can show them your competitive prices and product varieties and try to convince them to buy.

Frequently asked questions about Gmail ads
    1. How to ensure that your Gmail ads are appearing to the right web users?
      • Fine-tune and use the network setting optimally.
      • Use keyword and domain targeting to reach new customers.
      • Upload email lists to remarket to existing customers.
      • Utilize “similar audiences” to reach potential visitors who are like your clients.
    1. How to persuade people to click on the collapsed ads?
      • Write compelling call-to-actions or promotions phrases within the first 40 characters
      • Create urgency with limited-time-offers
      • Re-Use your past best performing subject lines or images
    1. How to increase the conversion rate?
      • Plan and design your expanded ad content with user in mind
      • Try out the Gmail ad templates that are mobile-optimized
      • Test different versions of the best performing Ad
      • Create your ad like a landing page that guides potential customers to convert.
    1. How to optimize your Gmail ads?
      • Regularly review your Gmail ads using specific metrics to track performance
      • Identify failures or opportunities to optimize further and refine your campaign.
By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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