What Does it Take to Become the #1 Leader in Your Industry?

What Does it Take to Become the #1 Leader in Your Industry?

How you can truly stand out from the competition

Achieving excellence is never easy. Whether you’re a surgeon, marketer, lawyer or engineer, standing out requires true passion for what you do, commitment to succeed, and the bravery to venture where no one has previously gone.

Dr. Bernard Salameh is a celebrity plastic surgeon who has pioneered a variety of awake procedures that have revolutionized his field.

Join us as Dr. Bernard recounts his journey toward success, how we was able to achieve it, and discusses the marketing channels and techniques that have worked for him over the years.

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Dr. Bernard and Bassem also discuss other intriguing topics such as:

  • The importance of building and maintaining a strong brand.
  • The importance of an omnichannel approach to marketing.
  • How to navigate the influencer market successfully.
  • Some of the most crucial marketing channels for clinics to explore.

This episode is presented by our host, Bassem Saber, with special thanks to Dr. Bernard Salameh for his unique insight.