Public Speaking and Its Massive Impact on Your Life

Public Speaking and Its Massive Impact on Your Life

Why public speaking is an essential skill for professional and personal growth

Public Speaking is one of the most underrated skills for your career, and life. Strong public speaking unlocks opportunities, catalyzes change, drastically improves confidence and more.

Flo Akinbiyi is a globally-renowned public speaker and communication coach who has helped countless professionals, executives and companies improve their public speaking skills and prepare for crucial events and meetings.

Join us as Flo recounts his journey on how he found his passion, what communication coaching is and how it helps, what social media best practices he swears by, and much more.

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Flo and Bassem also discuss other intriguing topics such as:

  • Whether platform-specific content is important on social media.
  • How marketers should utilize LinkedIn.
  • How anyone can improve their public speaking skills.
  • How powerful strong public speaking skills can be.

This episode is presented by our host, Bassem Saber, with special thanks to Flo Akinbiyi for his unique insight.