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What Are Lead Magnets And How Can They Help Email Campaigns

We live in a time of carefully considered decision making. Buyers now take their time to make informed decisions while shopping, assessing every aspect of a desired product and brand.

Which is why if you’re using email marketing in Dubai, you need to find the right hooks to bring in more subscribers. The best way to go about this is free goodies! These goodies are delivered via downloads or email and are popularly known as “lead magnets.”

Offering lead magnets is a vital part of the content marketing formula that builds your email list and, in turn, effectively builds your business. A lead magnet is a value exchange – your prospects are going to give you their email addresses, and with it, permission to market to them. So you need to give them something of value in return.

There are certain factors that can make an attractive offer and compel visitors to comply. Here are some key pointers to include when offering an effective lead magnet:

Clarity: Don’t be vague and be sure to tell your visitor what they’re going to get in ultra-clear terms. A vague title such as “Email Marketing Guide” will not have the desired effect as a more specific “Why email marketing in Dubai works and why it doesn’t”.

Result oriented: Capture the attention of your prospects with a lead magnet promising to move them closer to a desired result. This blog post you’re reading is ungated meaning there is no form in front of it asking for your personal information. But a post title, ‘How to Grow Your Email Faster with Lead Magnets’, would be ideal for a downloadable eBook. This promises a result.

Instant gratification: Nowadays everyone is looking for a shortcut, lessons they can learn fast and apply immediately. Free video courses or email courses are common lead magnets, but you risk losing conversions when the recipients suspect they’re in for a long, slow learning process. In which case, highlight the benefit of your video in the first segment.

Authority: Create lead magnets bound to show your prospect you’re an expert. Make them want more from you. A great lead magnet advances the relationship by increasing trust – don’t be afraid to give away some of your best tips.

Value: The content that will help you realize your lead generation goals should be valuable to the point where people would pay for it if asked. Don’t compromise on presentation – invest the time or money it takes to create great design and attractive page. Impress your subscribers with an immensely valuable freebie and they’ll be more receptive to paying for subsequent offers.

Keeping these points in mind, let’s take a look at some effective types of lead magnets:

  1. eBook
  2. Ebooks follow a flexible format where you have great room for creativity while sharing educational content. The most popular ebooks these days are “how to” guides.

  3. Checklist
  4. People love order and simplicity, which makes checklists and tip sheets highly magnetic. Make it clear how your checklist is a timesaving device and it will be well received.

  5. Resource guides
  6. Resources guides are another form of shortcuts readers respond to. They can be a list of books, podcasts, blogs, websites or any type of resource you believe will provide value to your readers.

  7. Assessments
  8. A hot area of new media is interactive content, particularly quiz-style assessments, which can be immensely useful. An assessment can help a prospect better understand his or her challenge. The results help the reader self-qualify for specific solutions you recommend.

  9. Contests
  10. Contests lure prospects to participate because of the potential to be rewarded with products, services, and discounts.

  11. Product demonstration
  12. For an interested prospect, a product demonstration – especially one delivered live – is an understandably significant value exchange. In addition to collecting an email address, offering a product demonstration will obviously increase your chance of making a sale. Go the extra mile by preparing personalized content, allowing time for questions, or proving a special offer.

  13. Free trial
  14. If your product is available to try then buy, a free trial offer will definitely draw newcomers to your email list. Customers will be more likely to buy your product after becoming familiar with it and having a good experience.

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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