How To Improve User Experience With Simple Web Design

“Get rid of clutter and you may just find that it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for” – Katrina Mayer
A great quote that’s relevant to your personal life but also equally relevant to web design in Dubai! In fact de-cluttering web design is just like spring cleaning at home, it’s all about getting rid of the junk! By removing these unnecessary elements from your website design, you can actively improve the usability and user experience of your website.

Let’s take a look at 4 tips to help you simplify website design:

    1. Do away with excess decoration

Sometimes our idea of beautiful design turns out to be more complicated than necessary. In order to create design that is fresh and contemporary, there is a tendency to over compensate using too many visual elements on a single page. This ends up pulling the user in too many directions with no clear navigation path to guide them.

Extra elements could even distract from an important CTA or message that user is supposed to focus on. But the great thing about decorations is that they don’t hurt the user experience if you remove them! So don’t be afraid to shed those extra pounds of visuals!

    1. Reduce content

As with design, the same applies to copy-less is more. Too often than not you are likely to find websites filled with unnecessary content. You can clean up the content of a website by removing the amount of words on the screen.

Remove redundant information and always have one idea per paragraph. That makes it better for those readers who scan. Another good practice to use, especially with long-form content is the inverted pyramid structure. Start with the conclusion and add more detail as the content gets longer.

    1. Consistency is key

When there are too many colours, fonts or style variations, your website will look messy. Consolidate and reuse design elements to keep things consistent; consistency makes for a clean design. With specific CTA buttons and fonts, make sure the same is used consistently and uniformly across your website.

Consistency is also helpful for global brands that have country/city specific websites or websites with a lot of information. Using a common template makes things familiar for users and enhances brand recall.

    1. Goal-setting first

The last important factor about simple design is understanding the purpose or goal of a given page. It’s best if you frame the goal from a user perspective.

Always have a single and clear goal to aim for. This will help you remove things that distract from it. For example, if you want the user to download a sample chapter of a book, don’t promote another book over the chapter. Showcase the download button front and center. Repeat the CTA a few times if it’s a long page. It’s okay to have more than one CTA as long as they don’t compete with one another. Remove everything that does not help the user download the sample.

We hope these 4 tips will improve the usability and user experience of your website. Read our other article- 5 Web Design Disasters To Steer Clear Of to learn more what to avoid with website design.

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By Simon Saber Creative Director


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