Why It’s Important to Redesign Your Blog Page

You must be wondering- does my company blog page really need redesigning? While there may be nothing “wrong” with the way it looks and functions, it’s worth considering hitting refresh and bringing your blog to the present times.
If you are thinking about redesigning your brand’s blog, but not sure if it’s really worth the time and effort, here’s a look at some of the benefits of restructuring your company blog that can work towards upping the value of your brand’s blog:

A beautiful blog gets the attention it deserves

According to Adobe, if people are given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds prefer reading content that has been beautifully designed instead of something plain or outdated. And if a site’s layout or content isn’t attractive, 38% of people won’t engage with it.

When you’re deciding about your blog redesign, it’s always advisable to go with a minimalist appearance, something sleek with strong imagery. And there is no shortage of company blogs in the industry that you can visit in order to draw inspiration. What are they doing to draw in their audience? Are their blogs easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to look at?

This helps you decide not only what you like but also what you don’t like and wish to keep away from your blog design. Make notes about these design elements that you like and how you can potentially embrace similar fundamentals on your blog.

A new look can reinvigorate your content

Think about how you feel when you first move to a new apartment. Sure, it’s a little unsettling at first because you’re not in the same neighborhood you’ve always known, but it’s also exciting because it’s so new and unfamiliar. You can rearrange your furniture, add new decorations to your space, and enjoy a fresh view. It can inspire you in a way your previous dwellings could not. Granted, that former building might have inspired you once before, but years later you might have found yourself becoming too comfortable and in need of a change.

You may find that redesigning your company blog impacts your mindset.

Restructuring your blog is a little like practicing digital feng shui. When you switch up the look of your blog, you’re impacting more than just your audience. You’re impacting the blogger behind the scenes. A different feel might inspire you to think outside of the box with your content and consider fresh takes on familiar topics.

Redesigning your blog shows that your brand is active, not stagnant

What’s the number one factor for deciding how credible a business is? According to 48% of people, it all comes down to a website’s design.

If you’re giving your website a facelift, you should also extend the courtesy to your blog. Redesigning your blog means a lot more than simply wanting your brand to be perceived as buzzworthy. It shows your readers that you’re not stagnating, that you’re more active and engaged with your audience and their needs than ever before.

A useful design tip you can incorporate is not to include text from posts on the main page. Too much text can leave your readers unnecessarily scrolling. In keeping with the minimalist style principle, clean up extra text and focus on hooking readers with catchy post titles and strong images instead. Less is always more, and when your blog is more user-friendly, it’s always better.

By Simon Saber Creative Director
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