How To Win Audiences On Mobile

With the UAE population (and the world) glued to their cell phone with an average of 12 hours is spent on Facebook and 2.5 hours on different apps daily, it should be of little surprise that there is distinct shift of attention from traditional advertising in Dubai to smaller screens in the palm of your hand.

From billboards to mobile display banners, and from television to mobile video, mobile is shifting customer attention and changing the advertising industry radically with brands required to engage customers on mobile every second! The time has come where brands must shift from using traditional advertising to developing content that can hold and captivate the consumer of today.

This is where entertainment + engagement come into play. This is a new integrated marketing approach for marketers to reach an audience in this new era of mobile, in an entertaining and engaging manner.

The primary goal of using this formula of entertaining and engaging with customers is to start speaking with the customers, and not speaking to them.

Entertaining content is the key to connect with customers’ minds and win their hearts. Take the global film industries for instance. They will tell you how content has helped create movie franchises and loyal fans globally. Movies have become a huge brand licensing industry. Product placement has become a massive marketing tool to advertise brands and connect with customers. Branded content has also played a huge role where stories have been found favourable for global brands, for example the Mini Coopers in The Italian Job. Who can forget that story with such iconic branded content?

Once you’ve found the key to entertaining content, the next step is to engage with them simultaneously. This can be done through more number of feedbacks, customer retention, and conversion rates from mobile to sales. Brands must now start speaking with customers by engaging with them the same way they already engage on mobile through various known features. If they can entertain users through original content and not advertising, as well as interacting by chatting or sharing some mobile app elements, then brands can quickly climb the advertising ladder from brand awareness, brand liking, brand preference, brand conviction to brand purchase, all at the same time.

Marketers today must be on top of user behaviour, user trends, the app market, and why users use what they use on mobile. The idea is for brands to reach their users efficiently without disrupting their customer experience, but rather entertaining them and enhancing their journey. If not they will be more than ready to skip your ads.

With the rise of ad blocking, users have become much more sophisticated with technology. But that doesn’t mean should get a leg up and outsmart them instead we should try to speak their language, not so much anymore through traditional advertising in Dubai, but entertainment and engagement!

By Bassem Saber Digital Marketing Expert
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