How to Prepare Your Social Media Strategy for 2022

As the recent pandemic encourages more brands to take their businesses online, innovative and dynamic social media strategies are a must in 2022. On top of that, social trends and sudden platform updates are rolling out faster than many small businesses can keep up. As such, it’s imperative to abandon outdated strategies in favor of new and engaging ones. 

If you need to re-hash your social media strategy to keep up with trends in 2022, you’re not alone. So long as you incorporate these actionable tips into your brainstorming sessions, your social media strategy can put you a step above the rest.

Conduct a Social Media Audit

To give your platforms a much-needed revamp, you’ll first need to identify areas of improvement. Through a social media audit, you can pinpoint: 

  • How customers are engaging with your content
  • What type of content garners the most interaction
  • Which social media platform is gaining most traction
  • Your ROI for each channel

Running a social media audit doesn’t have to be costly—you can easily tap into your built-in insights or track keywords using a direct search tool.

Research Your Target Audience

As you run your social media audit, it’s just as essential to keep track of who engages most with your content. Audience demographics can help steer you in the right direction in terms of language, what platforms you should focus on, and what type of content makes the most significant impact. 

Keep in mind, for instance, that younger demographics prefer to spend their time on Snapchat instead of Facebook, where consumers tend to be bigger spenders. 

One of the best ways to research your target audience is to create buyer personas. Doing so can help you visualize your audience as you create content and determine what will best satisfy their needs.

Renew Your Goals & KPIs

Once you’ve painted a clearer picture of who you’re selling to, the next logical step is to determine what you want to achieve and how to determine whether or not you’re succeeding. 

You can easily track and manage your goals by creating key performance indicators or KPIs. Think about your primary interests—do you want to spread brand awareness? Are you launchign a new product or service? What you decide to set as your goal will establish the direction your campaign needs to go. 

Remember to keep your goals trackable and flexible—you never know when things will change.

Download New Social Media Marketing Tools

Running more than one social media platform can become challenging, especially if you lack the centralized interface to track your metrics. Fortunately, there is a slew of social media marketing, tracking, and listening tools that can help you strategize, research, and manage content.


Hiring an in-house graphic designer isn’t always feasible for many small businesses on a budget. Fortunately, free software like Canva can help you bring your visuals to life in just a few clicks—just make sure to adhere to your brand bible and keep your elements consistent.


If you need to keep up with multiple social media channels, Hootsuite is a scheduling tool you need in your arsenal. The platform itself even offers courses that you can take to get certified as a social media marketer.

Google Analytics

Did you know that Google Analytics can track more than just your search engine results? You can also use it to take a closer look at individual social media platforms and create fully customized data reports.

Facebook Audience Insights

Many marketers flock to Facebook for a reason—its audience insight capabilities are unbeatable. Through its free built-in tool, you can learn more about your targeted customers and how they are spending their money. Depending on your KPIs, you can use it to track locations, page likes, and even purchases.

Try New Content

While some content remains evergreen, others can make a lasting impact without even existing for more than 24 hours. We’re referring to content like Instagram and Facebook stories or Snapchats. Considering that you could potentially engage with over 1.66 billion Facebook users and 800 million Instagram users a day, you can’t underestimate the impact of ephemeral content.

However, there are many other types of content that may more effectively encourage your followers to engage.

Interactive Marketing

Social media users love direct communication with brands. Nowadays, generic messages won’t fly, no matter how catchy they appear. Instead, the best way to make your audience feel heard and understood is through interactive marketing. 

While it may be impossible to respond to every single query and comment on your social media, publishing questionnaires, polls, games, and other shareable content brings you one degree closer to your target audience.

Live Streaming

Because social media provides the instant gratification that online users want, content like blogs are taking a backseat. In fact, 80% of internet users would prefer to watch a live stream than read content.

You can use platforms like Twitch to perform live demonstrations of a new product or service, host a webinar, or simply set aside time to engage with your audience. 

User-Generated Content

Alas, despite an avalanche of trends in 2021, word of mouth remains to be the best way to get a consumer to make a purchase. Keep in mind that no matter the user, they will be more likely to buy a product or service that a friend or family member recommends. With that in mind, user-generated content, or UCG, isn’t taking a backseat anytime soon.

As much as possible, prioritize publishing content that your users post. Not only will doing so make them feel visible, but it’ll also build a lasting rapport with your audience. 

The Bottom Line

Even after we adjust to the “new normal” social media marketing will likely be here to stay. If you’re on the market for a much-needed content upgrade, we hope these tips have given you the tools you need to fire up your campaign. 

If you want to get ahead on your award-winning social media strategy, contact us at Igloo. We can help build your brand from the ground up or give your existing business a timely makeover.


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