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How Healthcare Digital Marketing Can Attract Patients In The UAE

There’s a reason why clinics and hospitals in the UAE are working to establish their brands online: healthcare digital marketing is a profitable investment. Maintaining a strong online presence is a great way to attract patients, fuel business intelligence, and build loyalty among the people in your market over time.

In this article, we’ll go over the different ways that healthcare digital marketing in the UAE can attract patients and improve your sales in both the short term and the long run.

1. Healthcare Digital Marketing Reaches More People across the UAE

In 2019, roughly 99% of the entire population of the UAE were active social media users. At any given moment, there are millions of potential leads spending time on digital channels—which can mean thousands of leads for your organization in turn.

Digital marketing allows healthcare service providers to reach wide and diverse audiences who eventually wind up converting. In fact, studies suggest that leads are far more likely to call a healthcare service provider after discovering them online. 

The icing on top of the cake is the fact that these benefits occur at far lower costs than traditional marketing. By all rights, reaching millions of people at a time should cost an absurd amount of money. However, any marketer who’s worked with both traditional and digital media will tell you that the latter yields bigger results at a slim fraction of the cost of the former.

2. Healthcare Digital Marketing in the UAE is More Precise

Attracting patients means sending the right message to the right people. While traditional ads like billboards and posters are likely to reach a broad audience, they’re unlikely to target people who are firmly within your target market. 

In fact, even if you were to run a print ad in a healthcare magazine, there’s no guarantee that readers will need your services as they spot you. For the steep financial and environmental costs that print-based advertising demands, this clearly isn’t a recipe for great ROI.

Enter the high-precision world of digital marketing, where platforms like Google and Facebook allow marketers to send their media collaterals directly to people whose activity and demographic information make them prime audiences.

Social Media Marketing for Healthcare

Thanks to the vast amounts of data that social media platforms collect about their users, you can take what you’ve learned about your target market and use it to make sure that your ads are displayed to them or people like them.

Even after word broke about scandals like Cambridge Analytica and U.S. election meddling, the precision behind targeting on Facebook and Instagram are robust tools for audience targeting.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing for Healthcare

Precision marketing doesn’t only involve matching audience profiles to targeting criteria. They can also mean putting up content that can draw the attention of potential patients before they know they want to find a service provider.

People turn to search engines with questions in mind, and clinics that excel at healthcare digital marketing are the first to answer them—thereby earning themselves a great deal of authority and recall with potential patients.

Remarketing for Healthcare

Likewise, you can have ads on social networks displayed to users who, at an earlier point in time, visited your website. This is a valuable step towards eliminating any business lost to people dropping out of your sales funnel and keeping your brand top-of-mind among people who are likely to need your services.

Traditional Tactics with Modern Tools

Healthcare digital marketing in the UAE benefits from tried and tested methods like market segmentation and other common analytical practices for pinpoint accuracy. Whatever marketing skills and ideas you may have will probably apply to efforts at going digital.

3. Healthcare Digital Marketing in the UAE is Great for Building Loyalty

A patient who trusts your clinic enough to return the next time they have a problem you can solve is a valuable one. It’s an intuitive fact that you want to earn repeat business, as well as one backed up by data: repeat customers do spend more.

Earning loyalty means you’re the top choice for future services in the same vein as their initial concern, it makes you a top choice for referrals, and it guarantees some stability to your earnings. Moreover, it stands to reason that patients whose trust you’ve earned are likelier to choose you when major spending decisions happen down the line.

Healthcare digital marketing is a well-recommended avenue for building that loyalty as a service provider in the UAE.

One outcome that most clinics can only achieve through digital marketing involves content marketing: creating useful and informative resources designed for your target audience. These resources should be genuinely helpful without giving everything away—they should work with your marketing efforts to drive sales, after all.

These can take the form of videos, blog articles, and downloadable resources your patients can use to help identify solutions to their problems and generally improve their situations without having to come in for a consultation.

Another benefit of healthcare digital marketing is the fact that your clinic can keep in touch with existing patients through email marketing campaigns and social media accounts that assist them in better living.

As long as your marketing shows a sincere effort at care and guidance, you can expect it to do wonders for your reputation and sales over time.


Healthcare digital marketing in the UAE is a necessary component to reaching new patients and retaining existing ones. They allow clinics to administer their brand of aid to people in ways that far surpass traditional marketing—at a fraction of the cost.

Of course, taking on the challenge of marketing is much easier said than done. Not every clinic has the budget to afford experienced, in-house professionals or the time to train new ones from scratch.

If you’re a healthcare service provider in the UAE looking to take advantage of the digital sphere and the benefits it has to offer, schedule a conversation with one of our experts. Igloo is adept at handling clients in the health and wellness industry, and we’re more than ready to get you started on your road to better service.

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