Getting Discovered Quickly Through an SEO Agency in Dubai

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Most business owners understand the need for SEO but need help implementing it. Especially for first-timers dabbling in SEO, steps within the process can quickly become lost in translation.

However, with 50% of marketers claiming SEO as a top initiative for their brand, it can be tempting to seek strategies elsewhere—unless you can outsource the work.

If your small UAE-based business is new to SEO, this guide will tell you why hiring an SEO agency in Dubai is the key to your future success.

How SEO Helps with Brand Discovery

Whether you run an online business or manage a brick-and-mortar shop, incorporating SEO into aspects of your marketing strategy can spell the difference between success and failure. After all, you can’t make a sale if no one knows about your business.

With a thoroughly-optimized website, you can improve brand discovery and over-arching success in the following ways.

Increase Brand Visibility

The more you show up on Google’s first page results; the more likely potential customers will discover your brand. Concentrating your SEO efforts can make your business easily searchable.

Something as simple as dedicating time to keyword research and reviewing search intent can increase SEO-based lead generation success by up to 70%. 

Improve Your Reputation

As the saying goes, “All press is good press.” However, this shouldn’t be the case for your SEO strategy. Negative reviews and a poorly-performing website can drag your ratings down and indicate to Google that your business is untrustworthy.

Because SEO improves user experiences on your website, Google reads this as positive, ranking your site upward. When Google starts to pick up positive signals from your website, your reputation can recover. 

Achieve High ROI

Meticulously planned SEO strategies are often cost-effective ones. Compared to development costs invested in strategies like Google Adwords and PPC, SEO can produce high returns without damaging your budget.

Successful campaigns are also malleable and can easily be adjusted to suit future projects and goals.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Talent

If you’re new to SEO, outsourcing it can seem daunting. Trusting an SEO agency in Dubai is not easy, but its potential benefits often outweigh the problems of experimenting with SEO yourself.

The DIY option is only sometimes the cheaper and safer route. Below are a few reasons outsourcing an SEO agency can benefit your business.

Save Time and Money

For any business owner, time is a luxury, and there isn’t much of it. Considering the continuous attention required by comprehensive SEO strategies, outsourcing professionals can take over time-consuming tasks, such as:

  • Performing keyword research
  • Optimizing backlinks
  • Implementing changes to site design and navigation
  • Monitoring indexing problems

In addition, you can eliminate the costs that come with developing a native SEO team. No more salaries, software, and equipment!

Not to mention, SEO is the most ROI-driving strategy, with 32% of marketers claiming their SEO campaigns are the most income-generating. With a robust SEO strategy, you won’t have to invest additional business dollars in other advertising methods like PPC, commercials, and paid ads.

Tap Someone with Experience

Reading about SEO tactics is one thing. Implementing SEO tactics is another. SEO-specific agencies have ample experience in optimizing websites across multiple industries.

Plus, with search engines constantly rolling out new updates to their algorithms, you’ll need an expert who knows how to keep up. Outsourcing an agency removes the guesswork from your strategy. 

Besides, experts have the appropriate software and equipment your business might need to be more familiar with. Why spend time learning the ropes when you can quickly delegate them to the specialists?

Instead of wasting potential traffic, allow an experienced agency to manage your unique ranking situation and curate bespoke solutions.

In addition, professionals can handle unexpected changes that cause algorithmic penalties. They can continuously monitor your website’s rankings, indexing, and existing issues.

Focus on What Matters Most

It’s natural for business owners to become tempted to micromanage when working with an outsourced agency for the first time. But without the need to constantly optimize and develop your website, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most—running your business. Trust the process (and the experts).

Get the Data You Need

Metrics, metrics, metrics—it’s all you’ll hear when you look up data-driven businesses. But without the experience to make sense of this data, you’ll be staring at numbers all day. 

An experienced SEO agency can provide professional and actionable insights that positively impact your bottom line. In addition, a professional will have the tools to automate data collection and provide you with recommendations as quickly as trends change.

With a helping hand, you can fine-tune your SEO efforts to a T, defining ever-changing consumer needs and what you can do to meet them. They can read between the lines—or numbers—to pinpoint areas of improvement and determine how best to alleviate these issues.

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Why Hire an SEO Agency in Dubai?

Now that you know you need an SEO agency in Dubai, why should you hire a local one? What upper hand do they have compared to broader-spectrum agencies?

They Know the Audience

Simply put, local agencies understand the local market. Millennials in Dubai won’t parallel the values of millennials in western countries. They could also demonstrate opposite purchasing habits and preferences.

Markets aren’t always geographic. The UAE is a melting pot of cultures brought together, so working with a local SEO agency in Dubai can note nuances in age, professions, and popular industries.

A local agency should effectively develop an ideal customer persona and provide an SEO marketing plan to reach them.

They Know the Language

Advertising in your native language can increase your brand’s cultural relevance. In addition, native language pairs with local knowledge.

Generally, 76% of online consumers prefer to shop for products with information in their native language. Failing to localize online shopping experiences can create losses as significant as 40% of your target audience.

When you work with an agency that can engage with your audience in its native language, you develop more powerful and lasting connections. More importantly, you garner an emotional response.

However, translation can only take you so far. Local agencies can help contextualize your content. For instance, Arabic teenagers may respond better to Arabic-language websites—but not if you’re boring them. A local agency knowledgeable about your audience will know how best to reach them, from the slang they use to how they construct their sentences.

They Know the Competition

Getting ahead of your competitors is always a must in business, but you won’t travel too far if you don’t understand their strategies. Local marketing agencies know what techniques your competitors employ to stay top-of-mind.

Plus, local agencies know how to reach local markets. A powerful marketing strategy should have a moving public relations component. Not only do you need to outrank your competitors, but you’ll need to provide your audience with a reason why your business is better.

Local marketers likely collaborate with local reporters all the time and can keep your audience up to date regarding your business.

They Are Accessible

“Global” is an enticing buzzword—it indicates reach and impact. However, you can’t go global without starting somewhere—home.

When you work with an SEO agency in Dubai, they’ll likely have the time and attention span for your business. They are easily accessible and not inflicted with time difference woes.

A reliable local agency won’t be overwhelmed with more clients they can handle. They’ll also have the threshold to respond to urgent messages.

They Will Save You Money

The cost of an international marketing team can be burdensome to smaller businesses. Plus, paying more doesn’t guarantee better results.

When you pay a local, outside marketing firm, you can do so on a contractual basis, eliminating the costs of in-house needs. Local marketing agencies will have their own equipment, software, and training—costs you’d have to shoulder if you choose to find talent based in your locale of operations.

In addition, you can negotiate workable terms with your marketing partner and determine whether it’s more cost-effective to pay a retainer, per hour, or per day cost. 

They Are Invested in Your Business

A healthy business should care about its customers, as a dependable SEO agency should care about your goals. Whereas you may be just another number to a national agency, a local agency will invest in your growth and success.

Aging with a local marketing team is the key to developing lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. Your success could be just as crucial to theirs.

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The Bottom Line

SEO remains one of the most effective marketing tactics for businesses of all industries and sizes. However, whether to outsource an SEO team still needs to be clarified for some. Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing SEO, you might realize you don’t need the bells and whistles an international agency has to offer.

Instead, you can get the expertise, dedication, and care of an SEO agency in Dubai, such as Igloo. As an award-winning SEO agency, we can enhance your digital presence and improve your bottom line with solutions that keep up over time.


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