Facebook Paid Ads 101: How to Run Smart, Effective Campaigns

Nowadays, the best way to increase business returns is to tap into users on social media platforms. Facebook alone hosts more than 2.33 billion active monthly users who are always looking to discover the next big thing. 

So, if you aren’t running a Facebook campaign for your brand, you could already be lagging behind your competitors. Fortunately, Facebook paid ads are easy and affordable to curate. Still, it takes equal parts strategy and creativity to produce favorable results. 

If your business could use a boost from this popular internet marketing method, this guide will take you through everything you need to know about running Facebook ads. 

Facebook Ads Just Work—But Why?

As we previously mentioned, billions of people use Facebook every day, but publishing a vague, floating ad isn’t going to earn you leads. However, once you overcome this social media platform’s advertising complexities, your returns will skyrocket in a heartbeat. 

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, here are a few reasons why it works.

Micro-Targeting Audiences

The reason Facebook paid marketing is such a success lies in its ability to hyper-target audiences within your niche. You can whittle down audience demographics according to: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • General interests
  • Educational level
  • Common behaviors and purchasing habits

The more particular your audience is, the better your chances of achieving engagements and even sales. 

Marketing Results

If you’ve already published a slew of content marketing materials such as blogs, social media posts, or on-site content, Facebook advertising can help boost traffic towards them. 

You can also skew these ads to achieve specific goals, such as higher click-through rates (CTR), impressions, website traffic, or engagements. For instance, if you publish organic content, you might use Facebook paid ads to encourage likes, shares, and comments. On the other hand, you might prioritize video views for multimedia campaigns.  

Affordable Advertising Method

Facebook paid ads are affordable. In fact, their cost-per-click is a whole dollar below the national average of $1.72. 

Unlike traditional advertising, this cost-effective method of marketing offers some of the best ROI. So whether you are on the market for short or long-term strategies, Facebook paid ads can provide revenue once published online.

Plus, users have complete control over their budget, ad types, and industry. 

Expanded Reach

We can’t stress enough the potential Facebook ads provide. Since acquiring Instagram, Facebook ad networks have expanded tremendously in previous years. Pair Instagram’s 1 billion active users and Facebook’s 2.7 billion, and you have access to one of the most substantial audiences in the world.  

Compared to traditional or in-store advertising, this digital variant provides impressive reach to businesses of all capacities. 

Tips for Creating Unstoppable Facebook Paid Ads

Now that you know the benefits of leveraging Facebook paid ads, it’s time to put your best practices into action.

Take Advantage of Targeting

Unique audiences always drive better results than too-broad categories. By breaking your ads down into elements, you’ll get a better grasp of what to optimize. 

Consider this example: suppose you run a home decoration business and receive engagements from 100 users. Of those 100, 40 are interested in purchasing furniture, while 60 are more inclined to book your design consultations. 

By creating unique audiences, you can consider advertising elements that cater to various interests. For instance, if you advertise to the 40 people interested in buying furniture, your CTA might encourage them to make a direct purchase. On the other hand, you can ask the 60 customers interested in design consultations to make a booking through your website. 

Other elements that might vary with each advertisement include: 

  • Images
  • Headlines
  • Copy
  • Value propositions

Craft Clever Copy & CTAs

When it comes to publishing powerful Facebook advertisements, copy matters just as much as the visuals you use. Excellent advertising copy should excite, entertain, and encourage. 

You can quickly achieve all three goals by cutting out excess information, leading with value, and keeping it short and sweet. 

Instead of cramming as much as you can into a few dozen characters, think about how your product or service can benefit your end-users. Then, get your point across cleverly and concisely, focusing on making your business the obvious choice. 

Use the Right Images

As we mentioned, Facebook paid ads are very visual. Potential users aren’t going to click through a standalone headline or block of text. So to drive your advertising campaign to success, you’re going to have to incorporate appropriate and impactful images. 

Track Your Sales

Unless your sole objective is to obtain clicks, engagement metrics such as comments, likes, and shares will not matter nearly as much as how much you make in sales. So don’t zero in on vanity metrics—instead, use conversion tracking to determine whether your ads provide the revenue you want. 

When evaluating your sales, don’t just consider how much you’re selling the product for—take into account other expenses like overhead and product development costs. 

Retarget Your Audiences

If you’ve recently run a low-performing advertisement, don’t toss it into the bin. Instead, try re-targeting your content towards users who have already expressed interest in your business. Because you already have these leads in your funnel, re-targeting existing ads will produce higher conversion rates. 

But who specifically do you re-target to? Consider leads who frequently interact with your content, have made a previous purchase, or browse your product page for long periods. 

The Bottom Line

With a significant number of people on Facebook, it’s no wonder millions of marketers are flocking to the platform. With that in mind, it takes more to create a successful Facebook paid ad campaign than an eye-catching image and clever copy. To drive the results you want, you’ll have to garner a thorough understanding of your customer base and what resonates with them best. 

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