Everything You Should Know Before You Start Your Google Ads Campaign

Running a Google AdWords campaign can be incredibly confusing for beginners. You have to learn many things to get the job done right. You need to know how to set it up, what keywords to use, how to start it, test it, and much more. Therefore, hiring a professional Google Ads agency in Dubai is of huge help. They’ll set everything up on your behalf so you could focus on your work instead of focusing on the marketing campaign.

Google Ads Campaign 1.0.1.

There are two parts to any Google campaign: the landing page and the tracking system. When people click on the ads, you get paid by Google based on how many visitors are on your site. The tracking system will track where your traffic is coming from, and then you get credit for directing traffic to your site. To put the system into action, you’ll need to create an AdWords campaign with the relevant keywords and apply the appropriate UTM codes on your landing page. The goal is to get as many visitors as possible to your site.

Many people make the mistake of buying low-quality keywords that may not convert well, and that’s where the Igloo marketing agency can help you with. These can lead to high click-through rates and low conversion rates. To avoid this, you want to buy keywords that are both search engine-friendly and profitable keywords. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on keywords that won’t do well in Google’s AdWords campaigns. To find the best keywords, you can access Google’s keyword tool.

Other Crucial Things You Should Know

There’s a lot to learn about Google Ads campaign before you can launch one. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to deal with an ad campaign, make sure to hire professional help as every Google Ads agency will help you reach your campaign goals.

1. Ad Campaign Types

The other thing to keep in mind is the type of ads you choose. There are two types of ad campaigns: contextual ads and paid ads. With contextual ads, you choose the specific keywords related to the content on your website, and these will appear on the right side of Google results. These keywords can bring you more traffic, but they cost more per click.

PPC ads are Pay-Per-Click ads that have higher costs, but they’re much more targeted than contextual ads. Every PPC agency in Dubai will explain to you that PPC ads are typically managed by Google, which can be risky if you are unfamiliar with it. To avoid this risk, you should outsource your PPC advertising to an expert PPC management agency in Dubai.

2. Create an Amazing Landing Page

Your landing page is the first impression a visitor has of your website. If a visitor leaves your landing page without clicking any further, they have already left your website. Your ad copy should capture their attention, so they’ll go ahead and complete a purchase. This copy needs to be compelling enough to get them to click the Google ads.

3. Know Your Keywords

Your keyword selection doesn’t end with the keywords you choose for your ad groups. The phrase that you chose for your group is just one element of your campaign. You must also know how to place your keyword selections strategically. Make sure you know how to place your keywords in a way that won’t turn off your visitors, but at the same time, give them a reason to come back to your site.

4. AdWords or AdSense – Which One is a Better Choice?

Google AdWords can be an extremely lucrative way to earn money online. By combining a high-converting landing page and the power of keywords, you can see some amazing results. But it takes time and a lot of work to get the results you want. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you’ll be able to make some serious money. Google AdWords and ad campaigns allow you to have a higher conversion rate, so make sure you know how to optimize your ads and ad campaigns for Google AdSense.

There are two different ways you can do this. You can use one of the existing Google campaigns or create your own. Every reputable Google Ads agency in Dubai will tell you that you should understand each of these methods so you could decide which one will work best for you. One important thing to keep in mind when choosing which campaign type you want to run is learning your current rankings. This will be a big factor in determining which of the two campaign types will work best for you. Google AdWords campaigns are similar in many ways, but they are also very different.

Google AdSense and AdWords campaigns are almost equally targeted. In other words, you’ll be able to achieve more clicks with a Google AdSense campaign than with an AdWords campaign. In most cases, you’ll be able to achieve more conversions with an AdWords campaign as well. As long as your ads target the correct keywords and use appropriate targeting methods, you’ll be able to benefit from both types of ad groups, regardless of how you choose to run your website.

In terms of traffic, Google AdWords campaigns are about equal. However, the biggest factor that’ll affect which campaign type will work best for you is your keyword selection according to every Google Ads agency out there. You can indeed rank well with Google AdWords and achieve good rankings with AdSense. So, it may seem as though you’ll be able to earn unlimited clicks with either Google AdWords or AdSense. But you must keep in mind that you will not rank as well with any of the two ad campaign types if your website does not receive much traffic.

Wrapping Up

Before you decide whether you should start your advertising campaign via Google AdWords or AdSense, ensure you know the basics of how it all functions and how you can manipulate the campaign in your favor. In case you have a hard time comprehending how it all works, leave it to professionals as every Google Ads Agency will do it on your behalf, and you can focus your time and energy on more important things.

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