Everything You Should Know about Website Landing Pages

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Website landing pages are among the most valuable pieces of content you could ever design. In the world of digital marketing, nearly all roads lead to landing pages: they’re the key to turning interested web users into paying customers.

Landing pages are pages on your website that users can’t navigate to from your homepage. Instead, they’re reachable through your ads and promotions around the internet. They’re dedicated, focused sales tools meant to bridge specific value offers (i.e. your ads) with the process of converting into customers (i.e. your storefront or inquiry loop).

Since we can’t understate the importance of designing excellent landing pages, we’ve used our expertise as a premier web design company in Dubai to write this guide. Take the time to read through it, and see for yourself why the right landing page can bring you unexpected amounts of new business.

What are Website Landing Pages?

As we’ve said, landing pages act as connectors linking people who see your ads to the rest of your website. If you’re familiar with conversion funnels (or flywheels, depending on whom you ask), they serve as a pump moving people from interest to consideration—or from consideration to decision, depending on the nature of your ads.

These are single, stand-alone webpages that users can only access by interacting with your ads. Think of them as rewards: people see your sales pitch in the form of a digital ad, and when they click, they get treated to additional information, value offers, and/or data forms.

In truth, website landing pages can take all kinds of forms. You could easily create a basic ad that picks up where your ad left off in terms of your sales pitch, and then redirects users to another page on your site that’s meant to close the deal. You could even build interactive tools like rate calculators or product-matching quizzes for extra flair.

All told, landing pages are meant to serve as sales tools. Think of the spiel that a human sales agent would give a shopper who was drawn into a store by a promo ad, and translate that spiel into a digital form. That’s what a website landing page is meant to be.

How Do Website Landing Pages Improve Sales?

There are three particular things that website landing pages excel at when it comes to sales. Each of them should hold a special place in your digital marketing strategies, so as you read the following section, think about how they could factor into your ongoing plans.

1. Rewarding Attention

People have limited focus on the internet. It’s estimated that the average person sees around 6,000 to 10,000 ads per day. While this isn’t an official figure, it certainly drives the point that advertising is everywhere.

This makes it very important to reward people who decide to click on your ads with content that fits their expectations. There’s nothing more disappointing than finding an ad that promises to address your problems, makes a good offer, or communicates in a way that you appreciate—only to be met with a generic home page upon clicking.

Purpose-built webpages let you satisfy your users’ expectations and keep them hooked on what you have to say next. Speaking of which…

2. Continuing Your Sales Story

It’s a common thing for marketers to have grand ideas: stories that unfold at every step of the buyer’s journey. Unfortunately, not every marketer knows how to make those stories into realities.

Unlike captive audiences in a theater, your target market is likely drifting from one piece of media to the next. They’re less likely to notice your stories unfolding across ads over time than they are to get caught up in the sheer volume of marketing material online.

Great landing pages work in concert with your ads and other marketing efforts to guide users through your grand design. This way, you can shift your marketing from ordinary sales talk to crafted experiences.

3. Providing Quick-Buy Solutions

Sometimes all you need to give your leads is an easy way to spend their money. There are plenty of examples of landing pages that act as sales pages containing all the important information for your leads to consider as well as forms they can use to make an instant  purchase.

Enticing, informative, and well-made sales pages can be a big help for your ROI in the short- and long-term. When done right, you can earn from impulsive buyers and shorten the sales cycle for your regular customers.

Tips for Designing Website Landing Pages

Creating website landing pages takes equal measures of experience and technical skill. It takes experience to set a clear direction for how pages should be designed and how they should flow within a wider marketing strategy. Technical skill makes it possible to execute ambitious designs that stand out in a crowded digital space.

Whatever it is you have to work with, consider the following bits of advice when building your own website landing pages:

1. Keep Your Content Consistent

Consistency and expectation fulfillment are key to digital marketing. Make sure you use the same colors, fonts, and general tone of voice when building the pages people see after clicking your ads.

2. Address Your Customers’ Needs

Marketing is a long process, and it’s easy to lose focus on what matters most: giving your leads exactly what they want to see. Build landing pages using what you know about your target demographics, and make sure you’re speaking their language.

3. Make It Easy to Convert

Whether you’re building your page to sell or simply inform, it never hurts to make it easy for your site visitors to spend. Whenever it makes sense to do so, put a simple sales form above the fold of your landing pages.

4. Run Experiments

There’s no one-size-fits-all guide to creating pages. Experimentation will always be the best way to settle on a design that works best. Your plans should always include room for A/B testing and numerous iterations.


Building the best website landing pages should be a top priority for business owners and marketers alike. They’re the key to larger revenue streams and enhanced ROI for nearly all your marketing efforts.

Since it takes a big investment of time, money, and skill to achieve expertise at landing page design, consider outsourcing to a veteran website design agency like Igloo. We’ve gathered some of Dubai’s best marketers and web developers to set our clients up with pages that look good, perform well, and most importantly, sell products.

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